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Belize City, Tuesday March 31st. –
Corona-Virus, COVID-19.  Press Conference
There are only 3 reported cases of COVID-19 in Belize. During the questioning by journalist the Dir. of Health said that there are approximately 500 people under self-quarantine in Belize, Those persons are Belizeans & non-Belizeans who have recently traveled to Belize from elsewhere. 
The 1hr 50min Press Conference is available here on digitalBelize.LIVE  in 2 segments,
1. The Statements By Government Officials.
2. The Q&A Portion of questions from journalists

True Leadership – LIVE
Monday, March 31st.

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cpbl - oct 9 for digibz
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Deutsche Welle DW asks, what will happen when Corona-Virus hits the developing World

W.H.O LIVE  Press Briefing, 3/30
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The International Space Station still gives us a LIVE, Peaceful & GODLY view of earth

Global  COVID-19 Data
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Latest Belize – COVID-19 News

On Tuesday March 24th. the Director of Health Mr. Manzanero said during an ‘Ask The Experts’ online webcast on Facebook,

When asked about masks by a participant in the webcast. Mr Manzanero said he discourages people from wearing a mask,  and said there was no need to wear a mask.

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Watch Out For De Virus – Fr. Brancker John – Public Service Announcement

Latest Caricom News From Caricom.Org
For Week Ending:   Friday.  Mar. 17th. 2020

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Weekly Comedy Skits from Belizean & Caribbean entertainers. + UK content

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This Week: Belizean Hot Cross Bun
Shirani is a  Belizean born master cook and instructor.

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