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Government Launches MTDS 'Plan For Improvement In Several Sectors

By: digitalBelize.LIVE | January 24th. 2022
Updated:   Wednesday, January 25th. 10.01am

The Government of Belize has indicated a strategic plan for improving several key sectors of life for Belizeans.  The plan is referred to as MTDS (medium term development strategy)

In announcing the plan, GOB presented an attractive video that outlines the goals of the government, and at best it will motivate you to stand up, and 
‘for a moment you may turn to a friend or family member and give them a thumbs-up’  this is great, we want this.

But after a few minutes you will realize that the plan includes hard-work and progressive thinking by all of us, as we must participate in this plan that lists reachable goals and improvement in economic growth, crime reduction and improved standard of living for everyone. . .  GOB Video


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