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Belize -vs- Guatemala Football Match In Belmopan

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Guatemala defeated Belize's National Football team 2-1 at a sold-out Friday night match at FFB Stadium in Belmopan.

The Guatemalan team scored 2 goals in the first half, the first was by Oscar Castellanos #17, and the second goal by Guatemala was by Oscar Santi # 18

Belize's Jaguars scored at the end of the first half when
Jordy Polanco #16 converted a corner kick into a goal for Belize.

Click above for the game courtesy: CONCACAF

Headline News

Day 3 - House Of Representatives Budget Debate and Presentations

  • Announcement by the Speaker
  • Patrick Faber - Collet
  • Elvia Vega Samos - Corozal Bay
  • Rodwell Ferguson Minister of Transport, Youth & Sports
  • Although the sessions are referred to as the Budget Debate, the ministers also highlight their ministry's challenges and their views about improvements and future plans.

    During his presentation, the minister of Transport, Youth and Sports Hon. 'Rodwell Ferguson' (Stann Creek West) addressed the issue of the responsibility of the CEO and the chain of authority, and the responsibility of the minister. He highlighted the portions of the constitution that spells-out the law that governs the work and responsibility of the minister and the government.

    We are not certain how many ministers have taken the time to actually read that portion of the Belize Constitution that describes the responsibility of a minister: But we are certain that 'Hon. Rodwell Ferguson' has.


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