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Tuesday August 3rd.

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Town Council warns Mayor: Do not use the 'Town Hall' for your UDP 'Press Conference'

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The legalization of Marijuana: Ministry of New Growth Industries publishes new regulations for 'Weed Shop' entrepreneurs

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A recent article on the website of the World Economic Forum states that 1-3 truckloads of plastics are dumped in the ocean every minute

Image: Courtesy Reuters News Agency
Comedy In Pictures & Illustrations

Car One Auto Rental


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Couple of Travelers: Watch as Andy & Steph a couple from the UK travels in Belize in search of adventure. A travel documentary  from the couple’s point of view. . . . .. Follow Them & Subscribe Here

We are Marianne and Chris a UK couple who after some life changing events, decided that life was too short.  Here is a video of  their visit to Belize . . .Follow Them Here

Patrick and Laura are a YouTube phenomenon and the purveyors of ‘Let New Adventures Begin’, Above is a video of  their visit to Belize . . . Follow Them Here


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