The live video feed of the ‘Commission of Inquiry’ which began this morning was abruptly disconnected as the opening session was preempted by a speech by NTUCB President Luke Martinez, who is 1 of the 3 appointed co-chairmen of the commission.

His speech criticized the government for the way some government/public assets are being sold off by the government, in the same manner done by the previous administration, in what Mr. Luke Martinez says are ‘Fire-Sale’ cheap prices. He was speaking for approximately 4 minutes. when the disconnect happened and screens went black.

One of the persons that was to give testimony at this mornings session was suppose to be former minister Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez. He did not give any testimony since the session ended prematurely.

During a press conference after the commission ended todays session the chairman of the commission Attorney Andrew Marshaleck told the media that as many as 10 persons were to give testimony today.

On January 26th. 2021 Prime Minister John Briceno appointed the 3 member commission to “investigate the sale of Government assets between the period October 2019 to November 2020.”

The main question that many have asked, including some media houses: is ‘WHO DISCONNECTED THE LIVE FEED’.

Technical telecommunications experts in the country have said that it could only have occurred (either) at the site of the hearing where the cameras were recording and encoding the session, or at a telecommunication equipment room where the feed was transmitted through; and up to YouTube and Facebook streaming servers.