The Big Business Of Sugar: Part 4

BSCFA Wants Fair Agreement With BSI/ASR: Government Laws May Be Required To Settle Impasse

The new ‘cane-crop’ season begins in December 2021 and continues for several months; during that time the Cane-Farmers reap thousands of tons of cane and take it to the factory. But an agreement between the 2 sides has not been settled and the cane-farmers are not pleased and think that BSI/ASR is not negotiating in good faith.

The following is Telephone conversation with the president of the BSCFA Mr. Oscar Alonzo (Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association)

Channel 1 Audio: December 1st. 2021, BSCFA – Mr. Ortega & Oscar Alonzo

On Tuesday Nov. 30th. The Government Of Belize held its regular weekly cabinet meeting and discussed the issues at length and could only stress how important the Sugar Industry is to Belize as a primary income earner and especially the northern districts, where it is the primary economy of that part of the country.

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