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When Last: Maypole

Video Courtesy: Tobago Maypole Festival

When Last ? - Belize:
Is always gonna be fun and informative.
When Last is a look at things, products and customs of not so long ago. Sometimes a comparison of the way life is and customs of our Caribbean style in Belize and abroad.

The Archives Photo Album

Please note that any image prior to 1826 is an illustration, because photography was invented in 1826, and add  approximately 30years before photography came to Belize (example St. Johns Church 1825 is an illustration and St. Georges Caye 1764 is a photo of an actual map from 1764 )

  • Noh-bady tro stone atah empty mango tree

  • Deh di up late da nite lik screech Owl

  • Nuh Tek mi fu Kunumunu

  • All jankCro tink deah picney white

  • Luk like daag Baak deh Outa Hole