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Welcome to Csygen Interactive C-CA, we provide a wide range of Information Technology Services and Software Development Solutions for various business processes.

With more than 15 years of experience in Web Programming, PHP, MySQL & SQL Database Programming, WORDPRESS and JOOMLA Development, Web-Server Technical Support, Video Production & Interactive Media.

During the progression of each project I am the liaison between you and the computer nerds of Csygen, making sure to expedite your project and meeting your objectives.

You can email me at LilBear@csygen.LIVE

Our CEO is Michael M Barrow ( B.compSci)
Attained a bachelors degree in Computer Science and has worked in Silicon Valley and the Caribbean for many years, developing software and custom programming solutions for small and medium-size businesses, government and private enterprises.

Core Technical Services

Latest News | May 31st. 2023
CSYGEN INTERACTIVE C-CA | Launches 'The Morning Routine Show' On digitalCaribbean.Live

The concept and combination of the audio-video presentation 'Opener' were produced by Csygen Interactive C-CA. | (toolworks & edits I After Effects)

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Latest News | August 1st. 2023
Earns Google Developer INNNOVATOR BADGE
Android Developer
Google Maps API
Google Cloud Innovator

check out our Google Developer Profile

Latest News | May 15th. 2023
CSYGEN INTERACTIVE C-CA | is adopting the PWA format for all APP Development (Progressive Web App) For Android 7 or higher or iOS 12 or higher

This decision informs prospective customers and current Apps developed by Csygen, Older Apps will be converted and or edited to confirm to the PWA protocol, and all future Apps will be in the PWA format.

Here is a simple explanation from Google's Development team as to why PWA Apps is the better direction for your business.

Latest News | January 5th. 2023
CSYGEN INTERACTIVE C-CA and its owner and founder Michael M Barrow begins course work for ISO 27001 implementer certification.

1). Michael M Barrow, Bachelor Degree | B.Comp.Sci
2). Prior experience include A+ Certified Instructor.
3). Quality Systems Implementer of MilQ9858A
4). Quality Systems ISO 9001 Implementer.
5). 15 years of experience in Web Programming, PHP, Angular, React-js, MySQL & SQL Database Programming, WORDPRESS and JOOMLA Development, LINUX Systems Cert. Apache Web-Server, Interactive Media, Interactive Media.

Core Technical Services

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Web Development

  • Domain Registration
  • Creative Web Design
  • SSL https://yourDomainName
  • SEO Submissions management
    • Integrated Features
    • Matching PWA App
    • Online Tech-Support (Chat)

Mobile App Development


Mobile App Development

    Csygen Interactive Builds PWA Compliant Apps. for
    Android | iOS | Windows

  • Creative App Design & Flow
  • SSL https://yourDomainName.App
  • SEO Submissions management
  • Integrated Features
  • Csygen Online Tech-Support ( Business hours Chat) that helps you with all features so you can manage everything yourself.

Here is a simple explanation from Google's Development team as to why PWA Apps is the better direction for your business.
Cost For App Publication on Primary App Stores
The cost of publishing your App to all 3 App stores is US$240

Android only (for the Google Play Store is US$40

Publication on the Apple App Store for all IOS US$100

Publication on the Microsoft App Store is US$100

Sever or Cloud
Database Management

  • Server Technical Support (Linux)
  • Systems Management
  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
    • SSL Installation
    • API Installation & Support
    • OAuth Technical Services

Integrated CRM for Websites or App

WhatsApp with custom CRM forms
WhatsApp Shopping
WhatsApp CRM into your website.


WhatsApp CRM is a type of customer relationship management (CR lead tracking and more iegration.

Custom Integrated API for Apps

Location API For Websites & Apps

Integrate :

Google Maps API location in your Website or App for delivery and other services or business-processes where real-time accurate location management is important.

Shopping Carts For Websites or Apps

Advance E-Forms & db

HTML - PDF - AJAX or Convert

Charts & Infographics

Social Media Management

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