The Court Report – December 15th. 2020

78 year old Granny and her grandson and her son is slapped with 3 counts of drug-trafficking-

Possession of a control drugs with intent to supply- 1,126 grams of weed found in Brownies, 636 grams found in fruit loops and 720 grams found in Lucky charm corn flakes.

by Anita Nembhard-Flowers
Belize City, Tues. Dec. 15, 2020

Tonight 3 people from a Belama Phase 3 residence are charged, including a 78-year old granny and her son, and grandson is behind bars after picking up a similar drug charge whilst out on bail.

This morning shortly before 12 noon, a family of three, 78-year-old retiree, Brenda Vasquez, her grandson, 27-year-old, Kristian Young, both of#10 Lauren Burgess Crescent, along with Vasquez’s son, 40-year-old, Geovanni Vasquez, a BPO worker, of Mile 8 Miles, George Price Highway were all jointly charged with 3 counts of possession of a control drugs with intent to supply to another.

Allegations are that on October 16, 2020, at #10 Lauren Burgess Crescent police during a search of the house, found inside the kitchen, cannabis resin in brownies which amounted to 1,126 grams, as well as cannabis resin inside a Fruit of the Loom corm flakes which amounted to 636 grams and a third amount of cannabis resin inside a Lucky Charm corn flakes in the amount of 720 grams.

Today in court, the trio was arraign before Magistrate, Stephanie Gillett where they all pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Prosecutor Sergeant, Angel Bodden objected to bail being offered to the trio since the grandson and granny had a previous case as recently as in August before the court for the same offense.

The matter was stand down for 1 this afternoon where at the commencement, Prosecutor Bodden withdrew his objection to bail and only asked the court to set conditions to the trio bail that whilst out on bail, they must make every effort to not be arrested and charge for any other offenses.

And while the charge of drug trafficking is a bailable offense, Magistrate Gillett using her discretion about bail, chose to deny bail to Young because of the fact of the previous charges recently before the court.

In the case of his granny, she told her that it was only because of her age why she wasn’t remanding her to prison as she herself has a drug charge before the court with her grandson.

In the case of Vasquez’s son, Geovanni, she noted that this is his first offense before the court so she must be mindful of that.

Vasquez and her son were granted bail with conditions in which both were ordered not to be arrested and charge with any other offenses whilst out on bail or their bail could be revoke.

In the case of Young, Magistrate Gillett explain to him that he need to apply for bail through the Supreme Court with the assistance of an attorney.

The trio are not due back in Court on this new charges until February 12, 2021.

Brenda Vasquez has another drug case before Court #4 for 30 grams of cannabis found in Brownies which is dated back in August of this year where she and her grandson, Kristian young were jointly charged and were granted bail.

That matter is active before the court for February 12, 2021. – – The trio were initially summons to attend court back in late October but because the court went on 2 weeks lock down their arraignment was delayed due to the pandemic.

In court, the trio were represented today.

It was on September 9, 2020 that Vasquez and Young were arraign for possession of a control drugs, of 30.90 grams of cannabis. They were both out on bail of $1,500 each for those previous offences.

The Court Report – December 1st. – 2

Father with kids to feed turn mule- carrying drugs to sell in hardship of Covid Pandemic!

“Magistrate Stephanie Gillett slapped him with mandatory fine of$10,000 in default 3 years in jail”

by Anita Nembhard- Flowers
Belize City, Tues. Dec. 1, 2020

Tonight a Belize City father who finds himself unemployed and struggling to care for himself and his family got caught carrying weed home to sell.

30-year-old Kendall Sanchez, a father and bread- winner for his family is tonight in debt to the court in the sum of $10,000 which was slapped upon him this morning when he pleaded guilty to drug trafficking.

Sanchez, was unrepresented and appeared before Magistrate, Stephanie Gillett in Court #4.

Sanchez wasted no time and pleaded guilty to drug trafficking and tried to convince the court he was not selling the weed but only using it for his own cumsumption.

But Magistrate Gillett a woman with years if experience did not buy his story.

Sanchez first said that with the hardship he finds himself in, being unemployed and children to feed, he had to do what he had to do.

When asked what he meant by that, he tried to explain that he was only looking out for his family.

He later admitted in court to being a mule and carrying the drugs home to sell to provide for his family. He admitted he was wrong but didnt know what else to do.
The unemployed of #7004 Antelope Street Extension was busted by police yesterday, Monday, November 30, 2020 in possession of 75 grams of cannabis which was inside his left back pants pocket.

In court, Sanchez was read a single charge of possession of a control drugs with intent to supply to another person or persons for the purpose of drug trafficking.
Drug trafficking carries a penalty of a mandatory fine of $10,000, plus a prison term of 3 years and can be both fine and confinement dependent on previous convictions.

But because this is Sanchez’s first conviction, he was ordered to pay a fine and not confined especially since he pleaded guilty and saved the court time in a trial.

Magistrate Gillett gave Sanchez until June 30, 2021, a six months period to pay the hefty fine in default, 3 years imprisonment.

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CSYGEN INTERACTIVE C-CA is a provider of PHP Programming Services, Database Services, Server Management and Web Development in WordPress-Joomla-Plone.