The Impacts Of De-Risking On The Caribbean

Prime Minister of Barbados Hon. Mia Motley and Other Caribbean Stake Holders traveled to Washington DC to present statements and address The United States Financial Services Committee, concerning the ‘De-Risking’ trend that is affecting the people of the Caribbean, whereas many large banks, primarily in the United States are discontinuing their correspondent banking relationship with smaller banks in the Caribbean. The trend forces smaller banks in the Caribbean to seek ‘Correspondent Banking’ relationship with alternative solutions that are extremely costly

As mentioned in this segment (April 2022 CARICOM FinSec conference) (article) (video), the prime minister of Belize indicated that Belize was forced to use a Correspondent Bank in Puerto Rico, which was listed very low on a list by the IMF for its credibility in the global financial sector.

Wil Maheia – Churns-Up Another Confrontation With The Guatemalan Armed Forces

Wil Maheia with a Belize flag at the Sarstoon river island Sunday September 18th. 2022

The Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) Led by ‘Wil Maheia’ has managed to infuriate the Guatemalan Armed Forces (GAF) again, and the BTV’s video shows a more testy confrontation during an encounter that occurred on Sunday September 18th.

But the arguments about the demarcation lines of Belize’s territory will be settled at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the near future, but ‘Wil Maheia’ is persistent on his efforts to place Belize’s Flag on the uninhabited mangrove island in the middle of the Sarstoon river, and the Guatemalan Armed Forces are always taking the flags down.

This past incident on Sunday Sept. 18th. almost resulted in the collision of boats by the BTV the BDF and the Guatemalan Forces who had 4 boats in the area with armed soldiers.

The location of where the incident occurred clearly took place on the Belize side; and in response GOB has issued a protest statement (PDF); referring to the incident as an incursion into Belize’s territory.

The following video was take by the Belize Territorial Volunteers.

Although it is clear in the video that the G.A.F were on the Belize side of the river, the constant confrontation with the G.A.F runs the risk of eroding the improved and fairly good relationship Belize has developed with Guatemala in the past few months.

(L) Prime Minister John Briceno – (R) Guatemalan President met in Guatemala June 2021

These incidents of confrontations with the G.A.F can become a flash-point with unintended consequences that escalate far out of control in minutes.

Some astute observers have commented that maybe the ‘hand-of-the-devil’ is using a well meaning ‘Wil Maheia’ to create and escalate a confrontation that turns the current Belize-Guatemala dialog into conflict.


Kigali City – Capital of Rwanda –
photo credits: world Atlas
Population12.7 Million People
PresidentPaul Kagame
General Data: Time – Website – The time in Rwanda: is +8 hours ahead of Belize time.
Export website:
Primary ExportsCoffee, Tea
(minerals) Niobium, Tin, and Tungsten
Official CurrencyRwandan franc
Symbol: FRw, RF, R₣
Central bank: National Bank of Rwanda
1 Rwandan Franc is worth .001 of a US Penny or
* 1,050 Rwandan Francs to make $1 U.S Dollar (*sept 2022)
Largest Cities In RwandaCapital:
Kagili Metro population, 1.3million
Rwanda is 10,169 square miles
(slightly larger than Belize 8,867 Sq. Miles)
 Official LanguagesKinyarwanda
 RESEARCH SERVICESFor In-depth Business Data by:
 Goods Produces
Goods Imported
Business Network
Business Directory
Transport Logistics
  Wiki DataEthnic groups
99% Banyarwanda
—85% Hutu
—14% Tutsi
—1% Twa
1% Others
93.8% Christianity
3.0% No religion
2.2% Islam
1.0% Others[2]