Eastern Caribbean Time, what is it and which CARICOM States use it

updated: 8.01pm | Sunday, September 3rd. 2023

If You’re Doing Business in The Caribbean, You better know what time it is

A primary factor of our daily life is ‘What Time Is It’, and if you do business in the CARICOM Union you probably are well aware that there are 3 time zones within the Caribbean.

And the islands that are in the Eastern Caribbean are in the Eastern Standard Time, (EST ) time zone. (most of those states do not use daylight-savings-time)

But !, adding to the complexity of ‘what time is it in Eastern Caribbean States is ; do they also do ‘daylight-savings-time‘ as is done in the United States ?

The answer is yes, for some of these island states:  the list of Caribbean states that use daylight-savings-time’ includes, the Bahamas, Bermuda, Cuba, Haiti, and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Then there are the other Eastern Caribbean nations that don’t apply ‘daylight-savings-time, and they have a constant time-difference with Belize, which is the only CARICOM member nation in (US) Central-Standard-Time-zone (CST); ( and a constant 2 hours behind ‘Eastern Caribbean States ‘time-zone’ .

Now if all that wasn’t confusing enough, then you may scratch your head when you realize that Surinam (which is a member of the CARICOM Union) uses Atlantic Standard Time (AST) which is 1 hour ahead of EST or 3 hours ahead of Belize.

We are not certain as to why ‘Suriname’ uses Atlantic Time Zone (ATZ), but a good guess would probably be that it has something to do with the largest nation in ‘South America’ Brazil, which also uses ATZ; and is probably their largest trading partner.

Written & Compiled by: digitalCaribbean,LIVE Staff writer – Tuesday, August 29th. 2023 – channel1belize@gmail.com

Several New Prohibited Firearms Found By Customs Dept. Shipped From Miami 

The stash of weapons and ammo may-be enough to destabilize a country, or take over a small nation.”

On Thursday, August 24, 2023, at about 9:30 a.m., a joint operation was conducted between Belize Customs and the Belize Police.

As a result, the team discovered a carton box that was shipped through a local shipping agency from an alleged address in Miami, USA, to a local address in Belize City. Upon inspection of the carton box, the team discovered one

(1) Canik 9X19 TP9 SF pistol along with two (2) magazines; one (1) black CZ P-10 C Pistol along with two (2) magazines; one (1) Smith and Wesson M&P 9 Shield Plus Pistol along with two (2) magazines; one (1) Draco Cal 7.62x39mm along with one (1) long magazine; one (1) FILA shoes box containing (boxes each containing twenty (20) 7.62×39 rounds of ammunition; twelve (12) plastic containers each containing twenty (20) 7.62×39 rounds of ammunition; four (4) boxes each containing fifty (50) 5.56×45 rounds of ammunition; two (2) boxes each containing one-hundred (100) 9mm rounds of ammunition and one (1) single 7.62×39 round of ammunition.


The firearms and ammunition were sealed, labeled, and deposited as exhibits. The police are investigating.

Minister ‘Perez’ takes Leave of Absence From Cabinet | after alleged sexual misconduct

updated: Tuesday, August 22nd. 2023

The minister of ‘Blue Economy & Aviation ‘Andre Perez’ has requested a ‘Leave of Absence’ from cabinet. The news broke this morning Monday, August 21st. when the Government issued a statement indicating that the prime minister has accepted a request from minister Perez.

Wendy Auxillou

These developments stem from an allegation of sexual misconduct that is alleged by attorney ‘Wendy Auxillou’ who has worked in the ministry of ‘Blue Economy & Civil Aviation’ as legal council.

Since the allegations surfaced, Perez has indicated that the relationship was consensual; and has alleged that ‘Wendy Auxillou’ has attempted to extort monies from him, and gain favor to get ‘highly-questionable’ land document transactions expedited with assistance from him.

initial details of ‘Wendy Auxillou’s complaint is, reportedly a nude photo she says was sent to her by Perez.
( funny caricature )

The government’s statement said:
“During his leave of absence, an investigation will be conducted into the recent allegations against Minister Perez. At the conclusion of the investigation, the Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs will advise the Prime Minister on whether there has been any actionable wrongdoing.

During Minister Perez’s leave of absence, his portfolio duties will be temporarily reassigned to the Prime Minister.”

Well informed sources within the Briceno administration have commented that . . .
‘the ‘Leave of Absence’ by Perez was not voluntary, and that other members of the administration should let this be an alert to them, that ‘young-honey-pots and old-hens’ can take them down”.

On Monday August 21st. GoB released the following statement.