Indian Businessman & Wife Shot Near Restaurant

An Indian businessman and his wife were shot sometime around 8pm. Thursday night. 50yr-old Anil Asnani and his wife Manisha Asnani, both of 3 1/2 miles Philip Goldson Highway were shot as the were walking to their car after leaving ‘Sumathi Restaurant’ on Baymen Av.

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Anil Asnani
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Manisha Asnani

Initial reports indicate that the shooters were on bicycle and may have attempted to rob the couple. Anil was shot to the head and reportedly died on the scene, his wife ‘Manisha’ is reportedly to be in stable condition.

The well-known couple operates a clothing and appliance store in the old ‘Valencia Building’ at the corner of Church & Albert street.

Minimum Wage Around The Region: The Caribbean & Central America

At this week ‘Cabinet Meeting’ ( Tuesday, Nov. 23rd. 2021) the government of Belize ‘John Briceno Administration’ announced that the labor department has been tasked with developing a plan to gradually increase the ‘Minimum Wage’ from $3.30bz. to $5.00bz.

Increasing the minimum wage was a promise of the PUP in the 2020 manifesto before the election and also the campaign slogan of ‘PLAN BELIZE’

Below is a comparison list of ‘Minimum Wages’ in the region and CARICOM countries.

CountryLocal $/hr$USD/hrNote
Bahamas$5.25Bd=$5.25usd/hrJan. 2017
Barbados $8.50Bd=$4.25USApril 2021
Belize $3.30Bz=$1.15US/hr$46usd/week
Haitirarely enforced less than $1/hr less than $1/hr
Jamaica$7,000/wk=$45usd/wk Jun.2018
TrinidadTT$17.50=$2.60usd/hrDec 2019
Guatemala10.60-11.60/hr=$1.50usd/hr2021 ^see note
Honduras$37 Lempira=$1.55uds/hr2021
Mexico$141mx-peso=$7.10usd/hr2021 *see note
El Salvador$1.50usd/hr2021 *see note
NOTE: Not all countries have hourly minimum wage, some have daily minimum wage, and some countries have different minimum wages that are based on the job sector. Additionally, Similar to the United States, where the Federal minimum wage is $7.25usd/hr. – Some border cities in northern states of Mexico have a higher minimum wage than some southern states in Mexico.

Not all countries have an hourly minimum wage, some have daily minimum wage, and some countries have different minimum wages that are based on the job sector. Additionally, Similar to the United States, where the Federal minimum wage is $7.25usd/hr. – Some cities in northern Mexico have a higher minimum wage than some southern states in Mexico.

Another example is El Salvador, where there are 4 different minimum wages ; two for the city and two for the countryside or rural areas. In certain areas Agriculture, and coffee or cotton workers are paid $8.00usd/day.

The minimum wage in a country or state is directly correlated with ‘Standard of Living’.

Written & Compiled by: / digitalBelize,LIVE Staff writer – Thursday, November 25th. 2021 –

Official Police Report: Body of Missing Man Found In Corozal Cane Field


On Monday, November 22, 2021, at about 6:30 p.m., Phillip McCauley, a 52-year-old, Belizean of Corozal Town reported that on Sunday, November 21 at about 8:00 p.m., while at home, he heard someone was at the home of his brother, a 33-year-old Lucas Roberto Hoare of Sosa Layout, Corozal Town.

Upon making checks he observed that Hoare’s double cab Isuzu Pickup was parked in front of the house. On Monday, November 22 at about 6:00 a.m., upon making checks again, he discovered that his brother and the vehicle were not at home.

This morning at around 8:30, the body of Lucas Roberto Hoare was found in a cane field in Xaibe Village, Corozal District with multiple stab wounds to the body.

Police continue investigation.

New Fleet Of AC Busses Will Service The Southern Routes

Minister of Transport & Utilities Says “This is just the beginning of major improvements to the public transport sector

WE LOVE !!!! ‘GOOD NEWS’ and yesterday the Minister of Transport & Logistics and a team of business people showcased a new bus service with clean, neat, air conditioned busses that will soon be in service. No longer will Belizeans have to look and admire ADO Buses from our friendly northern neighbor. We now have the same quality.

“Next Stop !, go 100% electric and begin to build the charging infrastructure to recharge all electric busses”.

The company is called Floralia, and the busses are beautiful on the inside and outside. Inside you will have a armchair type seat, with foot rest, Air Condition, USB Chargers, Cup holders and video entertainment.

Big up to all those who bring better services and quality into the country, it’s long overdue. And, PLEASE KEEP THE BUSSES CLEAN AND NEAT BELIZEANS, It’s a reflection on you and our country.

The next part of the public transport system that is in need of some improvement is the ‘Bus Terminals’ throughout the country.

Current passenger load are approximately 3,500 – 5,000 passengers per day for all long haul bus routes, and that number is expected to triple in the next 5 years; due to the cost of fuel and the improved service that will become a viable option for more people that are not currently using the bus system.

Expansion and development in various parts of the country will also add to the daily passenger load, because transport systems and infrastructure are the arteries and lifeblood of a nation.

Alarming Abrupt Resignation Of Dr. Fernando Cuellar From K.H.M.H Board of Governors

Dr. Fernando Cuellar has resigned from the ‘Board of Governors’ of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). His resignation was effective immediately; and credible information indicate that it was done while Dr. Cuellar was in a group CHAT with other members of the KHMH management team.

We can only conclude that the communication and decisions made during that CHAT session between Dr. Fernando Cuellar and the Ministry of Health and members of the ‘BOG’ were not being made by consultations, but rather by hierarchy, (autocracy).

Additionally, the abrupt resignation by such a professional or person of high-stature in that profession, is usually an indication of severe discord in upper management.

His resignation comes just 7 weeks after he was appointed in late September 2021, and the overwhelming reasoning seem to be, “Decisions were being made that are not in the best interest of the people of Belize”.

The Minister of Health Michel Chebat is an attorney and the COVID-19 Pandemic has strained relations at the countries primary health care facility in the past few months after his taking over the rains as Minister of Health & Wellness 12 months ago.

Director Of Public Prosecution (DPP) Press Statement: Bodyguard / Driver Involvement In Drug Plane Landing

Belize City, Thursday November 11th. 2021
Part 3 of 3

Today the ‘Director of Public Prosecution’ has made a public statement concerning the fact that her ‘bodyguard / driver’ who is a policeman was involved in the drug plane Landing’.
The following is the ‘Press Release’


On Friday 5th November 2021, I was informed by the Commissioner of Police that Cpl Delwin Casimiro had been detained on suspicion of having committed a drug trafficking offence. He has since been charged, arraigned and remanded.

Cpl Casimiro was assigned as my security detail in 2019, but I have known him since 2012 when he was a member of the Gang Suppression Unit. He continued to engage in operations with the Commander Operations Strike Team after he was assigned to me, until November 2020, when I requested that he refrain from participating in operations, due to covid-19 considerations.

Nothing in my interaction with and observations of him over the years could have alerted me or served as a warning sign that he could have been engaged in any criminal activity.

Three of the other officers who have been charged along with him are members of the Operations Team and persons with whom he had been working for years. That is what I know of his connection with them. As regards any connection between ACP Marco Vidal and me, we separated over a year ago and there is no communication between us.

I am aware of the many comments posted on social media attempting to link me to the actions of my former security officer. This has deeply saddened me because I have dedicated almost my entire 23-year career to the criminal justice system, mostly as a Prosecutor. I have endured years of public criticism for unpopular decisions I have taken as DPP, decisions that were, in my view, sound in the law, and grounded in ethics and the proper application of criminal justice principles. I have sought, at all times, to anchor my tenure with diligence, fairness and professionalism.

The current comments being made about me are thus very hurtful. They are scurrilous and utterly untrue. They are also potentially damaging to public confidence in the criminal justice system if left unanswered. It is, most of all, this latter consideration that has impelled me to make this statement. I therefore reiterate: I had no knowledge or suspicion of, and no involvement in, the events of last Friday.

Nevertheless, the Office of the DPP will not participate in the investigation or prosecution of this matter at any stage. I am confident that the Commissioner of Police will spare no effort to bring all offenders to justice.

I hope that the gravity and impact of the actions of these officers is not lost on them – the terrible betrayal of the trust that was reposed in them; the shadows unfairly cast on the careers of others who believed in them and looked after their welfare; doubt in the criminal justice system; and the embarrassment that they have caused to their colleagues, the Department and to the country as a whole.


part 2 of 3

Police Say “Double Murder In Burrell Boom May Have Been Retribution”

Initial police report are that what appears to be a retaliation double-murder happened this afternoon (Thur. Nov. 11th.) updated report by police indicate that robbery has been ruled out as a motive since no money was taken.

The victims have been identified as Kendra Miguel and Dennis Brown.

Reports are that sometime after 1.30pm in the village of Burrell Boom the 2 individuals were killed by men who arrived at the small convenience store on a motorcycle.

Kendra Miguel

Dennis Brown

Police are looking for the culprits, and are reportedly exploring the possibility that the homicide could be a retaliation aimed at Dennis Brown and that Kendra Miguel who was a cashier at the store was probably killed because she would have been able to identify the shooter or shooters.

Alarming 11 COVID-19 Deaths Reported by Ministry of Health: The Highest Daily Report

Belize City, Wednesday, November 10th.

Yesterday was a terrible day for COVID-19 deaths in Belize, and today November 10th. 2021 the Ministry of Health has reported another tragic day for COVID-19, the highest deaths in 1 day.

3 of the victims were from the Belize District, 3 from Cayo, 1 from San Pedro-Ambergris, 1 from Orange Walk district and 3 from the Stann Creek district.

6 of the victims were in the 70-79 age group and 2 were in the 40-49 age group, the other 3 deaths were in the 50-59 & 60-69 age group.

Thus far, the month of November 2021 has proven to be the deadliest to date, more than 30 persons have died of COVID-19 since October 31st. The worst being November 9th. and 10th, 2021

The total dead due to COVID-19 is now 530 people.

The Entire ‘Strike Team’ Headed By ASP Marco Vidal Has Been Transferred Within The BPD

Just a few days after the landing of a ‘Drug Plane’ on the Southern Highway on the night of Thursday November 4th. the Belize Police Department has indicated the voluntary re-shuffle of the ‘Special Strike Team’ within the BPD, and that members of the ‘Strike Team’ has been transferred to various section of the BPD.

According to the Commissioner of Police the re-assignment of all members of that team is necessary so that the investigation into how so many police officers were involved in the landing of the plane.

ASP Marco Vidal is not under investigation for the landing of the drug plane, which contained approximately 25 bales of suspected cocaine.; each weighing approximately 30-50 pounds.

Vidal has told the press that he feels ‘Betrayed’, that members of his team were involved.

Part 1

Drug Plane Landing: NEWS Flash Update

Monday, November, 8th. 7am.
11 Persons Charged In Connection With Drug Plane Landing
11 persons including 4 police officers will be charged with the landing of the Drug Plane (Thursday Night Nov. 4th./5th. on the Southern Hwy.) 3 of the police officers being charged are Nelson Middleton, Delwin Casimiro and Elmer Nah all 3 are members of ASP Marco Vidal’s Strike Team. The 4th. government employee is the driver for the DPP Cherlyn Vidal, wife of ASP Marco Vidal.

ASP Marco Vidal has not been charged with any crime and is not a suspect.
6 other persons are also being charged, Armando Martinez, Moises Perez, Juan Sanchez, Fredy Gongora, George Ferguson and (Mennonite) Heinrick Redecop .
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