The World A-BUZZ With News That The Russians Have Developed A COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 has become the modern day plague of the 21st century and the people of all nations have come to the stark reality that the virus will probably be with us all for much longer that we think.

But today August 11th. 2020 could be a critical milestone in the fight against the COVID-19 Virus which has killed more than 740,000 people at this news writing and is predicted to kill more than 3 million people worldwide by years-end, if no vaccine is developed.

The Russians have announced that they have developed and registered the 1st. COVID-19 Vaccine.

The news was delivered to the world by the Russian leader ‘Vladimir Putin’ in a press conference earlier today.

The primary news organizations of all major countries has carried the news, and if proven to be effective, it will surely be another “Sputnik Moment” for the Soviet Union. (Russia)

The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Guardian, and all over the world, including The Indian Times and news outlets In Africa, Europe and major TV Stations in the U.S has carried the news with a dash of skepticism, that questions the validity of the announcement and also points to the traditional phase trials that is normally done for a vaccine to be approved for widespread use.

Other countries have already announced that they will work with the Russians to produce the vaccine.

The state of Parana in Brazil announced that they will meet with the Russian ambassador on Wednesday to discuss a co-production agreement. – which should not be a surprise to most, since Brazil has the second highest number of COVID-19 deaths; only the United States has more than Brazil.

If proven effective against the COVID-19 Virus, the Russians will probably rack up a lot of ‘brownie-points’ all over the world, as people are wanting effective solutions no matter where it is made or created.

This is “Big News” with a grain of caution salt.

For this historic announcement to be made by the president of Russia himself is probably the biggest thing to happen on the global-stage since the Russians were the first to orbit a satellite in space, known as the ‘Sputnik Moment’ for doing it before the Americans.

If effective the Russians would get an extremely high windfall profit for the new drug, as hundreds of millions of people worldwide would seek the vaccine.

The traditional view of the Russians as the bad-guys and or adversaries would surely be different if this is really a solution to the scourge called COVID-19.

Shortly after the news was announced on Tuesday August 11th. The financial and stock-market news channel CNBC in the U.S reported “that the surge of the stock-market was a reaction to the announcement that an effective vaccine was developed”.

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By: digitalBelize.LIVE ( in-depth business reporting )

The multi-million dollar business of various lottery games has been extremely beneficial to both the Government of Belize and Brads Gaming Group Limited.

In 2009 the company won the original contract to administer several different lottery games, that contracts was for 10 years.

In September of 2019 the tender was offered by the government to all interested and qualified organizations to submit offers to GOB, the government stated last year that it was not going to aromatically award the contract to BRADS Gaming Group.

Today (July 3rd.) GOB announced that BRADS Gaming Group Ltd. owned by Kim Jen Chee will continue to administer all lottery games in Belize for 10 more years.

A Great Revenue Stream ( Some for Education )
It is estimated that at least $10.7-million (on Average) is spent each week on all lottery games in Belize. All lottery winnings above $750 is taxed 15% which goes to the Government of Belize, in addition to the taxes and fees paid by other companies such as SCRATCH-OFF and other games of chance and gambling.

A large portion of all gaming and gambling taxes collected by the government are earmarked for education, that is according to part III of the Gaming Control Act of Belize.

The government’s press release said –
The Government of Belize, via the Lotteries Tender Panel, has completed negotiations with Brads Gaming Group Limited for a license to administer the Belize Government Lottery for the period of April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2030.

In September 2019, the Government of Belize announced the open tender for the license to administer the Government Lotteries for the period April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2030. Consequently, a Lotteries Tender Panel was established comprising representatives from the Ministry of Finance, the Lotteries Committee, and the Gaming Control Board to assess proposals for the administration of the Government Lotteries. The evaluation was conducted in accordance with procurement policies as advised by the Ministry of Finance using a quality and cost-based approach.

Bids were received from three interested parties. The Lotteries Tender Panel evaluated and ranked all three bids based on the pre-determined criteria established for the procurement process. At the end of the evaluation process, the Lotteries Tender Panel recommended to the Government of Belize that the license to administer the Belize Government Lottery be awarded to the proposal with the highest score.

Subsequent to the Government of Belize’s acceptance of the recommendation, and as required by the Finance and Audit (Reform) Act, the negotiated license and contract, along with the tender report and related documents, were submitted to the Office of the Contractor General for review and no-objection prior to execution. Having received the no-objection from the Office of the Contractor General, the license and contract to administer the Belize Government Lottery was signed on June 26th.

The executed license and contract will be laid before the House of Representatives at its next sitting as required by the Finance and Audit (Reform) Act.

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Belize International Services Limited Wins Favorable Judgment At CCJ – Against G.O.B

By: digitalBelize.LIVE ( in-depth business reporting ) – Updated – Wednesday July 1st. 5.41am

The long awaited final judicial ruling of a case that has been heard by the Belize Supreme Court, then The Belize Court of Appeals, and now a final ruling at the highest court, the Caribbean Court of Justice has gone in favor of Belize International Services Limited (B.I.S.L) and against the Government of Belize.

The CCJ’s decision was explained in a short statement that concluded that the takeover of BISL by the Government of Belize was a breach of the agreement.

The following is the short version of the CCJ ruling, today, Tuesday, June 30th. 2020

Although arriving at their decision for varying reasons, the CCJ judges all found that the government had breached its agreement with BISL and could not rely on the illegality defence to prevent BISL’s claim for damages. Strictly speaking, the payment structure of the agreement did not meet the constitutional and legislative requirements for payment into the Consolidated Revenue Fund, but this was not sufficient to prevent BISL from the recovery of damages. The CCJ ordered that the matter be remitted to the Supreme Court for assessment of damages. Costs were awarded in favour of BISL, to be taxed if not agreed by the parties. – end quote –

A complete reading of the entire 144 page judgement indicate that the 5 judges of the Caribbean Court Of Justice were unanimously dismayed by the actions of GOB and the manner in which the Government of Belize took over B.I.S.L were highly unusual and unlawful. The written ruling of the judgment contained a very harsh disciplinary tone, and a rebuke of the leader of the Government of Belize, Prime Minister Dean O Barrow, who was the prime minister in June 2013 when B.I.S.L was forcibly taken from its owners.

On Friday June 26th. the House of Representatives held a meeting to discuss several financial motions, shortly after the house meeting Prime Minister Dean Barrow told the media that the government won’t pay; can’t pay; end of story.

The case was argued at several sessions in 2019 before the Caribbean Court of Justice by senior council Mr. Eamon Courtenay and Ms. Priscilla Banner for the plaintiff (B.I.S.L) and Mr. Justin Simon, QC and Mrs. Samantha Matute-Tucker for the defendant (GOB).

Today’s decision by the judges was communicated VIA video conference from the Caribbean Court of Justice in Trinidad. The attorneys representing both parties were at their local offices and communicated with the court via live secured video conference.

At the conclusion of the reading of the judges decision, attorney Eamon Courtenay indicated to the court that there have been several other court rulings that has been ignored by the defendant G.O.B.

He asked the court to take additional steps to enforce the judgment.

Attorney Eamon Courtenay indicated that the previous court rulings that have been ignored were, the Universal Health Services (UHS) case in which the government lost and was ordered to pay damages, and the Cruise Solutions case in which the government also lost and was ordered to pay damages.

Very Serious Implications
In an interview on local TV, Channel 5, Attorney Eamon Courtenay implored the people of Belize to read the court’s decision, and to also realize that several hundred million dollars have been spent by the government without any accountability, and that the country is facing a list of huge financial burdens that may have been due to “malfeasance

URL Reference: Summary Judgement of Caribbean Court of Justice decision

Referenced Questions: Why does the court document list “THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF BELIZE – RESPONDENT (defendant) – – –
Because under our system of government “THE ATTORNEY GENERAL” (currently Mr. Michael Peyrifette) will be the only entity that must enforce the court’s orders.

To be continued . . . .

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Update: June 2nd. 2020
This morning at the supreme court in Belmopan former minister Elvin Penner made an appearance before a Judge and explained that because of some urgent personal matters that had arisen, he was unable to be at court on June 1st. as required. Mr Penner stated that he realize the importance of making required court appearances but on this occasion he was unable to be present. The court accepted his explanation and he was free to go.

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Monday, June 1st. 2020

In a stunning fall from grace, former Minister and U.D.P Cabinet member Elvin Penner may be arrested by police, when this morning (June 1st.) the supreme court issued a bench warrant for his detention due to his failure to appear in a Belmopan court to face charges of Manslaughter.

In 2017 Penner was the driver of a vehicle that knocked down and killed Kenrick Myvett on the George Price Highway. (western hwy.)

Penner was the Minister of State in the Ministry of Immigration, and served in the House of Representatives from 2008 to 2015 representing the Cayo North East constituency. He is the first Belizean Mennonite elected to national office.

The ministry of Immigration was tarnished by several scandals and corrupt activities, the worst was the Won Hong Kim passport scandal, in which a jailed criminal in South Korea was claiming Belizean citizenship, which he reportedly acquired after Penner’s intervention or during his oversight of that ministry.

Written & Compiled by digitalCaribbean.Live – digitalBelize.LIVE staff reporter:

Tropical Storm Amanda Devastates Central America – Heavy Rainfall & Flooding Belize

In Belize City
Late Sunday Evening and into the wee-hours of Monday morning we kept track of how the rain fell non-stop for hours. Knowing that many of the low-lying streets and neighborhoods in the city and rural communities will be flooded, some as high as 1-2 feet.

All that rain was from the outer-bands of Tropical Storm AMANDA, the first named storm of the eastern pacific, ( eastern pacific storms have different names than storms in the Atlantic/Caribbean basin).

As the saying goes, a little bit of rain is always good, but this was coming down by the bucket load, the ‘Belize National Met Service’ said that this weather will continue for another day and then some sunshine on tuesday, then more heavy rains.

At mid-day the Gov. of Belize issued the following FLOOD WATCH ALERT
– – – go here for the PDF version – – –

In Neighboring Countries, AFP Reported that
“Tropical Storm Amanda, the first named storm of the season in the Pacific, killed 10 people as it lashed El Salvador and Guatemala on Sunday amid flooding and power outages. El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele declared a state of emergency for 15 days to cope with the effects of the storm, which lost strength later in the day as it moved into Guatemala. The fatalities were all recorded in El Salvador, senior cabinet official Carolina Recinos said, adding that one person is reported missing. In the capital, San Salvador, 50 homes were damaged by rain and powerful winds, while 23 vehicles were swallowed by a sinkhole, Mayor Ernesto Muyshondt said. “We are experiencing an unprecedented situation: one top-level emergency on top of another serious one,” he said, referring to the COVID-19 pandemic in place before the rain hit.”

Graphics by & : Courtesy Accuweather

New Hurricane Season Has Many Weather Watchers Anxious: & FLOOD ALERT For The Weekend

The official start of the 2020 hurricane season is June 1st. to November 30th.. But there has already been two named storms., Arthur on May 16th. and tropical storm Bertha on May 27th.

The latest word from the Belize National Meteorological Service (BNMS) is that “hurricanes and cyclones may form outside the official hurricane season”.

There is also a FLOOD ALERT for this weekend, due to a tropical wave that is approaching Central America. The digitalBelize.LIVE weekend audio report was made at 7pm Friday May 29th. from the Belize National Met Service.

Today (May 29th.) a list of the new names for the season was released by BNMS

The National Met Service said, via a press release
“The 2020 forecast is suggesting that tropical cyclone activity will be above normal in the Atlantic Basin (North Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico). The prediction is for there to be thirteen to nineteen (13 to 19) named storms, of those six to ten (6 to 10) are expected to become hurricanes and three to six (3 to 6) are expected to become major hurricanes (Category 3 or stronger).

An average season in the Atlantic Basin consists of twelve (12) named storms, six (6) hurricanes and two (2) major hurricanes. The main factors that were used to forecast an active 2020 Atlantic hurricane season are:

What Does this Mean for Belize?
There is no strong correlation between the number of storms or hurricanes that form in any given season to the number of storms that make landfall in Belize. One or more of the 13 to 19 named storms forecast to develop this season could hit the country, or none at all. Therefore history teaches us, as a nation located in such a vulnerable area, we should be prepared each year no matter what is the forecast is. – end quote –

Landing A Drug Plane In Belize Is A Very Attractive Choice To Traffickers

This morning – (Thursday, May 28th.) – at approximately 6am a twin engine ‘Hawker 800 Jet’ (also known in the British military as 125-700) made a ditched landing near the village of Sarteneja in northern Belize.

No drugs were found on the aircraft or in the area, but the $2-$3 million U.S dollar Hawker 800 jet-aircraft is of such a high value that it’s cargo (if there was cargo) must have been much more valuable than the aircraft for it to be abandoned by the occupants.

The location of the aircraft and the proximity to both land and sea, and Mexico is of notice to law enforcement in all countries in the region.

Belize has an almost perfect geographical location for traffickers, who have been using very sophisticated means of transport their illicit cargo. so-much-so that it is a challenge to one of the most advanced country in the world, the United States, where most illicit drugs are destined for.

A Sophisticated Game Of Cat & Mouse ( the mouse are very hi-tech)
Back in January, an extensive news article in Forbes Magazine said that the U.S. Coast Guard Could Face A Narco Submarine Epidemic In 2020 , Drug traffickers have even hired submarine designers and engineers from eastern-block countries to help them design and build subs.

Below: U.S Coast Guard intercepts a narco sub heading toward the U.S

This is a new / developing / Breaking News to digitalBelize.LIVE &

A Belize Free Of COVID-19 Is Uniquely Valuable – COMPOL’ Reminds The People & His Officers

Earlier today (May 27th.) the commissioner of police issued a memorandum to all police officers of the importance to keep up the enforcement of the new COVID-19 laws that are intended to protect everyone; and also to remind officers to use good discretion in this new normal of wearing face mask.

The official word on the SOe (state of emergency) states that it will continue until June 30th, but may be revised before that date, depending on, if the ‘COVID-19’ situation diminishes or increases.

The new-normal ‘Requiring Face-Mask’ has been a challenge to everyone, in most instances the person or person’s are not intentionally disobeying the law., but in some cases, there are people who do not want to abide by that simple requirement.

The extremely strict regulations (new Laws) are intended to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The fine for not wearing a ‘face-mask’ while in any public space is a whopping $5,000.00, and the penalty for illegally crossing the border into Belize is ‘Straight to Jail’ no questions asked.

So far 817 people have been arrested for not wearing a face-mask or face covering since the SOe came into effect on April 1st. and extended to June 30th. and 194 people have been arrested for being outside during curfew hours of 8pm to 5am.

The following is a recent memorandum issued by the COMPOL to his officers in the field.

What’s The Whole Story About Commonwealth Day

Commonwealth Day: May 24 (old tradition)

Ask many Belizeans, what is ‘Commonwealth Day’ in observance of ?, and ‘you may hear many incorrect answers.

The holiday started out as an observance of a British queen’s birthday (Queen Victoria), and was originally called ‘Empire Day’.

Queen Victoria ( Britain )

Sometime in the 1990s ‘Commonwealth Day’ was renamed ‘Commonwealth & Sovereign’s Day’, by the government and those who were the organizers of events for the holiday, and to celebrate local cultures and the importance of being a part of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Every year on May 24, the people of Belize observe Commonwealth Day. The routine events are horse races in Boom, youth events, and various gatherings in recognition of the Belizean culture. But since the COVID-19 crisis, none of the usual events will be held.

History of Commonwealth Day in Belize
The origin of Commonwealth Day goes back to the end of the 1800s, a time when Queen Victoria was perceived as a motherly figure that strongly represented the expansive British Empire. There were suggestions by many for a day that would honour her 67 year reign as queen of the British Empire.

After Queen Elizabeth died in 1901, the efforts of the ‘Earl of Meath’ to create a holiday to honour the creation of the Commonwealth of Nations was achieved, and an unofficial holiday was set-aside which was called ‘Empire Day’ and was set to be May 24th., the birthdate of Queen Victoria. It wasn’t until 1916 that Empire Day became an annual event.

In London on Commonwealth Day 2014, all the flags of the nations of the Commonwealth.
London; May 2014

For several decades Belize (British Honduras) participated in the Empire Day ceremonies. But as Britain’s global power waned and political views towards British imperialism grew strong, Empire Day converted to a more mundane British Commonwealth Day in 1958 and then again to Commonwealth Day in 1966.

The An·tith·e·sis Of The NameCommon-Wealth
In many of the countries that are part of the Commonwealth, the standard of living is very far from the wealth of others and definitely far lower thaN the standard of living in Britain. Why such a word was chosen to describe a day to observe the membership in the group of nations is rather facetious or even cunning.

In Bangladesh, one of the poorest nations on earth, and a member of the Commonwealth of nations, the average monthly income of its 165 million citizens is (one hundred seventy) $170.00 US Dollars / month.

We added up the population of all the Commonwealth countries, and it seems that 2.4 Billion people will be on holiday tomorrow, May 25th. 2020.
1. Antigua and Barbuda
2. Australia
3. Bangladesh
4. Barbados
5. Belize
6. Botswana
7. Brunei
8. Cameroon
9. Canada
10. Dominica
11. Fiji
12. The Gambia
13. Ghana
14. Grenada
15. Guyana
16. India
17. Jamaica
18. Kenya
19. Kiribati
20. Lesotho
21. Malawi
22. Malaysia
23. Malta*
24. Mauritius
25. Mozambique
26. Namibia
27. Nauru
28. New Zealand
29. Nigeria
30. Pakistan
31. Papua New Guinea
32. Republic of Cyprus*
33. Rwanda
34. Samoa
35. Seychelles
36. Sierra Leone
37. Singapore
38. Solomon Islands
39. South Africa
40. Sri Lanka
41. St Christopher and Nevis
42. St Lucia
43. St Vincent and the Grenadines
44. Swaziland
45. The Bahamas
46. Tonga
47. Trinidad and Tobago
48. Tuvalu
49. Uganda
50. United Kingdom*
51. United Republic of Tanzania
52. Vanuatu
53. Zambia
54. Zimbabwe

For more Information @ Research URL: Wikipedia

Some data and text collected from G.O.B webpages

Written & Compiled by digitalCaribbean.Live – digitalBelize.LIVE staff reporter:

Mysterious Double Murder In Hopkins Village

The peaceful seaside Tourist-destination of Hopkins has seen more than its share of violent crime in the past few years, and today another statistic has been added to the homicide numbers in that southern village in the Stann Creek District.

Police are investigating a double murder in the village of Hopkins. At approximately 9am this (May 22nd 2020) morning police were called out to a location in the village. They found the bodies of 2 men, one of them is an American national and the other is a Belizean national.

The Belizean man have been identified as Quintin Espinosa, 55, who had a gunshot wound to the head, and American national Roland Burley, 70, who also with a gunshot wound to the head.

Hopkins village is just south of Dangriga Town and about 30 miles north of Placencia, along the coastline,.

Back in December of 2019 Wendy Dardano (a 50 yr.old American national) was murdered by her room-mate and stuffed in a garbage bin outside the house where they both lived. The much younger man is awaiting sentencing for that heinous crime.

More details about this developing news story will be available VIA Updates, on this page.