In a Fairytale Golden Chariot, A Golden Jacket And A Magic Wand, It May Well Be The Year 1723, Not 2023

updated: Monday, May 8th.

On Saturday May 6th. a man named ‘Charles’ was adorned with a golden jacket and rode in a golden painted chariot that was reminiscent of a fairytale storybook illustration.

But it was not a storybook tale, it was real, and many footmen, servants, maidens, horsemen and so-called common-folks lined the streets in honor of the man to be crowned king of England; and head of state of New Zealand, Australia, Canada and 11 other small island states, which are all former colonies in the Caribbean, except Papua New Guinea.

The honoring of a mortal human being in such a manner seems archaic and out-of-touch with the 21st. century, it was viewed by some as appointing someone to pretend to be godlike, when we have seen and heard all his folly, and in some cases the disgusting phone-conversation of that same person.

But all that aside, the lack of acknowledgement of the past, and a simple verbal apology for the horrific injustices and plundering of the Caribbean, would have gone a long way with most of us, that still reflect upon the good influences of British rule; and we try to not look backward at the tragedies that befell our ancestors due to slavery.

We have a responsibility to echo the truth, and to tell the children of the 21st. century what really happened to their great, great, great grandparents. So that they know everything, the good that happened under British rule, and the atrocities that were done by people working for that same British empire, so that they are not fooled and think that all these people were angelic, as some of us thought and some still do.

The most worrisome fact is that there is a visible effort to revive servitude and secretly propagate the old concepts of eugenics all over again.

Public Relation and Pretense are in full-effect; no apology and an attitude of superiority has dug up the rotting-stench of eugenics, and is being propagated again.

We are not living in the golden age of Great Britain anymore, but the effort to adorn fantastical costumes and appear to be more than reality is a vain strategy of “effect-influence-by-imagery”.

The following segment from the ‘Legacy Documentary Series’ by renowned British historian ‘Sir Michael Wood’ is so fitting for this event, it is borderline prophetic.
“In fantastical costumes and invented ceremonies, the rulers of a small island 5 thousand miles away, glorified themselves.”

I happen to like the British, and admire their contributions to global development, from the Industrial revolution to Francis Crick and James Watson‘s co-discovery of the double-helix of human DNA in the early 1960s.

But that same monarchy produced and directed the mercenaries, thieves and murderers (aka Knights) that conducted horrific atrocities in the Caribbean, and they benefited immensely from the wealth stolen and or created by slavery.

a illustration from British archives in the Caribbean

To not apologize for the horrific actions of your forefathers that stole so much, and harmed so many of my ancestors is simply wrong.

It is a kin to a relative that wants to be forgiven and request that past violent actions by oneself be forgotten, without apologizing for something wrong that happened.

By not even acknowledging the past and apologizing to the people of the Caribbean and elsewhere, is a sign of feeling too superior to say the appropriate thing.

Patriotic Brits Seek To Abolish The Monarchy

Protesters in London, just, a few blocks from the Coronation events, held placards and collected signatures for a referendum for Britain become a republic (photo courtesy: The Guardian)

A few blocks away from the pageantry and fanciful costumes were protesters with placards proclaiming to not be impressed by the king to be; chanting ‘not my king’

They were probably the people from the 21st. century.

A protester summed it up best when he told a news-crew, “we the British people are still paying taxes so that the people who live the most luxurious, can live even more luxurious”. is it the year 2023 or 1723.

The British are certainly entitled to their cultural traditions, but with the age of mass communication being so prevalent and influential, it is important to be informed observers and commentators about the, ‘sometimes troubling’ direction of global democracy and the future.

As the entire world darts into the 21st. century; with the benefits of more and advance means of communication, and with the challenges to democracy, the advent of A.I (artificial intelligence) and profound geopolitical changes, it is archaic to think that the past social structures are the model for our brave new world.

Written & Compiled by: / digitalBelize,LIVE Staff writer – updated: May 8th. 2023 –