THE COURT REPORT – Thursday, July 15th. 2021

The Case Of – Teenager Got Gun To Protect Family – Son told court he had gun for his personal protection after his Mothers house was shot up and sister 14 shot!

by Anita Nembhard-Flowers
Belize City, Thurs. July 15, 2021

A mother is heart broken and sad after leaving court today having to see her son go to jai. And while she is free with her other children, her 19 year old teenage son was send to jail for a gun he bought three weeks ago to protect his family after his younger sibling 14 was shot when his mother’s house was targeted and shot up.

It was a bitter sweet ending as the mother, 44-year-old, Marcia Martin of Hattieville exited the court free along with 3 of her children and having to weep for her 19-year old son, Devon Martin Jr., who was sentenced to 18 months each for a 19- mm pistol loaded with 11 live rounds of ammunitions in its magazine.

At 1 this afternoon, Marcia Martin, her son , 19-year old Devon Martin Jr., and 3 of her minor children, a boy, 17, two daughters 17 and 14, two of her daughter-in-laws, 20-year-old, Kimberly Solomon, and another daughter in law 17, a minor and her son-In-law 17, all who were inside sleeping at the time of a police search at their home for firearm and ammunitions at around 5:45 a.m., yesterday morning.

In court, the family was all unrepresented and Martin Jr., took the rap for the illegal gun and ammo- stating he purchased the gun, for self protection only, saying he never carried it outside, but had it after his little sister was shot.
The gun he said he bought three weeks ago.

But police did a search warrant at Devon Martin’s Jr., Mom’s house base on information that they received of a gun inside the home. And their source was right and because of that Marcia Martin and her entire family were dragged to court.

It was a very embarrassing circumstances for the family and they were also facing prison time as they could have all been remanded to prison if no one had taken responsibility for the found items.

After Martin Jr., took the rap for the gun and ammos prosecutor, Corporal Carlos Poot withdrew the charges from the others and they were free to go.

Police say that yesterday morning at around 5:45 p.m., officers of the Anti Drugs and Firearms Operations surrounded the Martin’s house when PC Rodriguez ran to the back of the house and saw a hand push out a window and a black bag was thrown out along with a gun which later followed the bag.

The items were picked up and inside the bag was a magazine for a gun carrying 11 rounds and a black 19- mm pistol.

As a result, the entire eight persons inside the house was detain and escorted to the Hattieville Police Station and later charged with kept firearm and ammunitions without being granted a gun license.

Devon Martin Jr., was sentenced to two- 18 months prison term but since the Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser order that the sentences run concurrently instead of consecutively, Martin will only have to spend 18 months, or a year and a half instead of three years.

The mandatory prison sentence for firearm or ammunitions is five years, but the Chief in using her own discretion imposed a lesser time on the teenager who picked up his first conviction today for a firearm related offense.

After he pleaded guilty, Martins’ mom, sisters and brothers and his in-laws all saw the charges withdraw from them and they were free to go.

Jasmine Hartin Back Behind Bars

Part 8 of the Jasmine Hartin Case:

Is 32 year old Jasmine Suzanne Hartin in more trouble with the law?-
Her surety does not believe she will show up to court on her next adjournment!” Judge Lord hears application to have her bail withdrawn by surety- the request was not for bail revocation said Judge Lord”
Today Hartin picked up two new criminal charges whilst out on bail.

by: Anita Nembhard/Flowers – The Court Reports
Belize City,
Friday, June 25th. 2021

Tonight 32-year-old Jasmine Suzanna Hartin, the daughter in law of Michael Ashcroft is back in the news. Initially it was the rumor that she was brought to court because her bail was revoked for violation of some conditions of her bail.

But that was just pure rumors, and while Hartin was arraign in the San Pedro Magistrate’s Court on two additional criminal charges of common assault upon Sarah Lee Grisham and another charge for possession of 0.04 grams of crack cocaine.   She was offered bail of $1,000 which she could not meet; so she was whisked off the island to Belize City to appear in the Supreme Court.

It is there that Justice Herbert Lord addressed another matter. An application made by 55 year old Frank Habet, a General Manager of a company on San Pedro was Hartin’s only surety; who on June 9, 2021 posted bail for her in the sum of $30,000 in cash.

But Habet has become fearful that Hartin will not show up on her next court appearance hence why he asked the court to grant the application to withdraw as bail surety.

In court, judge Lord heard from the surety as well as her defense attorney, Dickie Bradley and the ‘Crown Counsel’ for the Department of Public Prosecution (DPP), attorney Shanice Lovelle.

But Bradley was annoyed by the ambush he claim his client was met with in court this evening. He submitted that his client was held from Thursday, then moved from one precinct to another then slapped with two criminal charges, and although granted bail detained and flown to San Pedro from  Cayo then to Belize City, only to find out in court that her surety was withdrawing from the bail.

Bradley said Hartin was never told of such withdrawal by her surety but told it was for bail revocation since she was slapped with two more charges whilst out on bail.

In the end Justice Lord granted the bail withdrawal application by Habet.
But he also informed  Hartin that her old bail he granted to her was still in effect and that anyone who wishes to sign her out on bail can do so still in the sum of $30,000.

But since Hartin was unable to meet bail again before the close of the court, she was handcuff and escorted back to prison at 5pm. in the prison van. 

The Belize Central Prison is where she will remain until she can get a new surety for her bail.

In court Hartin appeared to be traumatized, frustrated and consume with the entire procedure.

We asked Bradley to share with us how the new charges came about against his client but he said he had not yet been able to read the facts.

On June 9, after more than a week in jail, Hartin was able to post $30,000 Supreme Court bail. Three days prior to posting bail, 42 year old superintendent Henry Jemmott was laid to rest after funeral services in Dangriga.

Superintendent Jemmott was fatally shot once in the back of the head.

It was the DPP’s directives to charge Hartin with manslaughter by negligence and not murder after she allegedly gave a statement claiming the shooting was an accident.

Superintendent Jemmott’s family have been upset with the charge levied against Hartin. 

Of note is possibility that the DPP’s office will make an application to the court to have Hartin’s bail revoke since in the court proceedings today, the prosecution spoke of two new charges, and that Hartin was ordered to be in good behavior as one of her eight court conditions of her original bail.

THE COURT REPORT – June 23rd. 2021

The Case of: $137,000.00 – Thousand Dollar nightmare

Juan Angel Munoz, former employee wins case twice before the court- Not guilty in criminal theft case and no fine order in civil says CJ, Justice Michelle Arana!

by Anita Nembhard/Flowers
Weds. June 23, 2021

A Belize City man is free of all charges after he was vindicated not once but twice in separate cases he was subjected to before the Supreme Court.

Juan Angel Munoz, a former employee of Magil’s Meixcan Products Co Ltd., and then acting Manager being responsible for the deposit of monies, account management and other duties assigned to him from time to time.

But an audit back in October, 2010, revealed that monies were missing from sales for the period June to October 2010 in the amount of $137,916.46.
As a result, Munoz was charged criminally with theft.

It did not ended there for Munoz, as noted in the civil suit claim, Magil’s dismissed Munoz from his employment as Manager, but before his dismissal, Munoz agreed to Magil’s withholding $137,916,46 and he promised to make payments to the company, Magil’s also had filed criminal action against Munoz.

But Munoz was later vindicated for theft in a Supreme Court trial before Justice, Lucas where before a jury of nine of his peers, he was found not guilty.

And although he was found not guilty he was taken to a civil court, since Mr. Munoz had failed to make payments to Magil’s. This present civil claim before this court is a claim for the sum of $137, 916. 46, or in the alternative damages plus interest and costs.

That claim too fell short of proving him liable and Magils attempt to recover the large sum of money they believed he had stolen despite being vindicated in the criminal.

Munoz is a free man from all charges criminally and through the civil claim brought against him.

Chief Justice, Madam Michelle Arana in a ruling handed down two days ago, Monday, June 21, 2021, in the presence of Munoz and his attorney, he got the good news of not being liable in the civil court hence he is now a free man and does not have to pay back any money to his former boss.

During the civil claim, he issue at hand in determining if Magil’s Mexican Products was entitled to recover the sum of $137,916,46 or damages in the alternative from Juan Angel Munoz?

The court heard from the evidence coming from the claimant (Munoz’s former boss) who called two witnesses to prove its claim but they were not strong enough in the civil trial in proving their claim.

First witness was Ms, Claudia Barboza. She testified that as Manager of Magil’s for past eight years, she was employed as a Manager at Munoz department stores, “Caye Supplies” and that he (Munoz) was responsible for the overall management of the store which included sales and marketing, weekly balancing of sales, deposition, payroll and monthly preparation of general sales tax, social security, and business tax forms.

Ms, Barboza said that she was instructed by her employer, Magils, to conduct an audit of Caye Supplies because cheques received for payment of goods were taking too long to clear. Barboza said Munoz was present when she was extracting the reports from his computer for the audit and he advised her that he would assist her by informing her what monies were missing and that is when according to Barboza she discovered that the sum of $137,966.46 was missing.

Ms. Barboza set out the method she used in conducting this audit.She retrieved the monthly master report prepared by Angel Munoz that is generated from a computer report of the daily sales.

The master report comprised of monies that were received from customers in the form of cheques, credit card payments, cash etc., and paid in to the respective cashier(s). At the end of the business day, Mr. Munoz would retrieve the monies paid from the registers and he was responsible to input the said information into the system and deposit the sums at the bank.

From the master report, Ms. Barboza examined all the monies actually received then proceeded to conduct a comparison with the bank statements and deposit books. This is when she found out about the missing monies.

According to Ms. Barboza any monies taken from the cash register for Magil’s miscellaneous expenses would have had a cash voucher attached and duly signed by the relevant personnel with the authorized charge.T

his was in order for management to have a clear understanding of funds received daily and what was utilized for expenses by management.

She also states that during the audit, Mr. Munoz gave her access to a desk drawer that had been locked which contained a bundle of cheques that were not deposited; it is her evidence that Mr. Munoz moved quickly to deposit those cheques as they were not sure whether or not the cheques had become stale dated.
The second witness for the claim came from that of Cindy Staines who testified that she is part owner of the Claimant’s Company. Ms. Staines reiterated the evidence already given by Ms. Barboza.

She described the role of Mr. Munoz as Manager of Caye Supplies.She described the audit conducted by Ms. Barboza in identical terms.She also spoke of the hidden drawer containing cheques which had not been deposited by Mr. Munoz.

In coming to a decision to dismiss the claim, Chief Justice, Michelle Arana thanked both Counsel for their submissions in this matter and noted “that after her reviewed of all the evidence, oral and written, as well as the written submissions made on behalf of the parties.I must state that I agree completely with the legal submissions made by Mr. Sylvestre on behalf of the Defendant in this matter.

It is quite clear that there is not one scintilla of evidence that there was any promise by the Defendant to pay any money to the Claimant, therefore, there is no contract between the Claimant and the Defendant.

In these circumstances, I find that the Claimant has failed to prove its case on a balance of probabilities.

In conclusion, Chief Justice, Arana dismissed the case and added that costs is to be awarded to the Defendant to be agreed or assessed.

THE COURT REPORT – June 18th. 2021

The Case Of:
Your Customers Must Wear COVID-19 Mask Or You Will Be Charged Also

A Restaurant owner claim his customers were eating in restaurant when police came and charge him for allowing persons to be in his establishment without a face mask or other nose or face covering

“Jose Nelson Mejia to challenge police in court on charge”

by Anita Nembhard
Freelance Writer

Belize City, Fri. June 18, 2021

A Belize City businessman of # 50 Eleanor Usher Street in the St. Martins De Porres area is one of many who are being charged for allowing a person to be in his establishment without wearing a face mask.

Jose Nelson Mejia told the court that operates a restaurants located on Wood Pecker Avenue, in Ladyville.

Mejia who was unrepresented appeared before Magistrate, Audrey Grinage in Court #6 where he was read a single charge of allowing a person to be in his establishment without a face mask or other nose or face covering.

Mejia pleaded not guilty to the charge and explain that while he admit to having people in his business who were not wearing a mask, he claim it was because they were sitting down and eating.

When asked by the magistrate what type of business he operates, Mejia said a restaurant.

Magistrate Grinage entered a not guilty on his behalf and informed him that the matter will have to go to trial.

He was offered bail in the sum of $500 plus one surety of the same amount which he met and the case was adjourned until August 18, 2021 when he is expected to be provided with disclosure in the case against him.

The visit by police at his establishment had occurred on April 11, 2021.

THE COURT REPORT – June 17th. 2021

The Case of: Don’t Mess With My Man

A Dangriga woman’s fork attack on a girl she claim she caught with her man- lands up in court and almost send to jail for her actions- Chief Magistrate sparred her from direct jail when she imposed suspended sentence of 3 months!

by Anita Nembhard
Freelance Writer
Belize City, Thurs. June 17, 2021

A Dangriga woman became jealous and her anger got the better part of her causing her to attack another woman with a fork and stabbing at her; she is lucky to have been sent home on a three months jail term referred to as a suspended sentence.

So while she was sent to jail for three months, 24-year-old Ashley Coleman of the Sampson area, Dangriga is home with her baby.

She appeared before Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser in Court #1 at 3 this evening where she pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated assault with a dangerous article, a fork upon Lynnae Lopez.

Coleman who was unrepresented wasted no time and pleaded guilty to the offence and explained that she never intentionally meant to harm anyone.

After the facts was read out in court, Coleman was not in agreement with facts, saying the victim told lies against her.

In the facts, Lopez, a resident of a Guadalupe Street address reported to police that yesterday, June 16, 2021, at around 2:00 p.m., whist at home and unknown Creole woman entered her house through her front door with a fork in her hand.

As a result, according to Lopez she and the woman got into a verbal altercation and that is when the woman ran towards her in a striking motion making attempts to stab her but missed when she managed to grab her hand.

During the altercation, Lopez neighbor, Dwayne Cooper who resides upstairs intervene separating the two women and the police arrived at the scene.

During his intervention, Cooper was stabbed but has not made any report against Coleman since he happens to be her boyfriend.

In court Coleman explain that she acted in such a rage when she saw her boyfriend Cooper with another woman in the house. She said he appeared startle to see her come and she believe she surprise him while he was with another woman.

Coleman got angry and ran upstairs and got a fork.

She explained that she was of the view that he Cooper was with another woman and she got jealous and angry. She said she was sorry for her actions.

Chief Magistrate Fraser asked her to give her a good reason why she should not send her to jail since she made jealousy ans anger got the better part of her.

Coleman explain that she was a mother of a two year old still breastfeeding and that she need to be home to care for her as no one else is supporting her financially and that she has an opportunity to start working in Belize City on Monday hence why she was moving in with Cooper at the upper address of the house where the incident occur.

But while the Chief Magistrate sparred her from jail time for now, Coleman was imposed a three months suspended sentence where she must remain out of trouble and not be arrested or charge with any offense for a period of 18 months or she will go to jail for three months order the Chief Magistrate.

Coleman was also order to stay away from the Guadalupe Street address effective tomorrow Friday, June 18, 2021.

That is because she was given the opportunity to return today to collect her personal belongings and to pick up her baby.

THE COURT REPORT – Wednesday, June 9th. 2021

Justice Herbert Lord grants bail to Jasmine Hartin in the shooting death of Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott, shot and killed with his own firearm.
“Bail granted to Hartin in the sum of $30,000 plus one surety of the same or $30,000 cash with eight stringent conditions”

by: Anita Nembhard

Belize City, Weds. June 9, 2021
Late this afternoon Jasmine Hartin’s relatives along with her attorneys are working hard to complete the paperwork as require by the court for her bail which was granted by Justice Herbert Lord this afternoon ,

Jasmine Hartin remains in lock down at the Belize Central Prison but not for too long. After eight days in custody, Hartin was granted Supreme Court bail in the sum of $30,000 with one surety of the same or $30,000 cash. 

Justice Herbert Lord set eight stringent conditions to her bail, that Hartin must immediately surrender her passport, identification cards and social security card to the court.
She also cannot leave  the country of Belize unless a request is made to the court and permission is granted; she must attend all her court adjournments in the case against her in the San Pedro Magistrate’s Court; she is not to obstruct the investigation in the matter and she is not to contact any witnesses whether directly or indirectly.

Hartin must also be on good behavior whilst out on bail and one of the most unpopular heard of is curfew place usual by the court mostly for minors and as of the day she meets bail.

Hartin who was placed on curfew for the remainder of her case must be indoors by 7:00 p.m., and cannot leave the confinement of her home until 6:00 a.m., each day.

Hartin was also order to report to the San Ignacio Police Station every day, while the case is before the San Pedro Magistrate Court,

Attorney: Godfrey Smith

Hartin must remain living at her home in San Ignacio and  cannot change her address without first getting permission from the court before doing so. 

Justice Lord made it clear that, a copy of these conditions to Hartin bail will be forwarded to the Immigration Department and the Commissioner of Police so that they can disseminate it to all formations and border personnel. He made it clear that breach of any of her conditions will lead to immediate revocation of her bail.

Hartin got the good news of bail being granted to her as she sat in a cell at the Belize Central Prison as her case was done virtually and while she was absent in court, the media houses made it their business to follow up the case until the last arguments concluded At about 2pm when Justice Lord laid down his decision and granted her bail.

The arguments made in the courtroom by the attorney’s for both sides kicked off about 9.30am this morning, but arguments did not conclude until and after a lunch break at 12:00 and the bail-hearing resumed.

1. Hartin is a mother of two chidden, a boy and a girl was charged with the offense of manslaughter by negligence in the shooting death of Police Superintendent, 42-year-old, Henry Jemmott. 

Jemmott was fatally shot once in the back of his head with his own firearm, allegedly by Hartin who told police she accidentally shot the officer.

The directives to levy such a charge of manslaughter in the officer death instead of murder came from the DPP’s office after statements were recorded from the accused where she gave police her version of what transpired on the fatal night on San Pedro.  

Sergeant Henry Jemmott will be laid to rest on Saturday, June 12, 2021 following funeral services in Dangriga Town.

Of interest to note is that Hartin case, who is a Canadian and the daughter-in-law of Lord Michael Ashcroft  has been followed by two international media since last week Wednesday, the initial first court hearing date set for Hartin  bail application since her detention, but Justice Herbert Lord who heard the case had adjourned the matter for today since the Crown, represented  by Senior Crown Counsel, Shanice Lovelle had objection to Hartin being granted bail since she was a flight risk, being their only grounds for objecting to bail. 

Outside The Courtroom – UK & US Media
ABC  News from New York reporter, Alondra Valle as well as other news persons who asked that their name remain anonymous, from The Sun Newspaper in England has been following up the Hartin story and are here in Belize.  The news about Jasmine Hartin has made it to several news outlets outside Belize, including The Guardian, Forbes, NY Post, The Independent, Sky News and CNN, to name a few.

At approximately 4.50pm Jasmine Hartin was released on bail from the Belize Central Prison in Hattieville.

There is no next court date set yet for Jasmine Hartin to return to the San Pedro Magistrate Court on the matter.

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Wednesday, June 9th. 2021 –

THE COURT REPORT – Tuesday June 8th.

Teenager slapped with a book of charges in connection to fatal traffic accident that took life of 87-year-old, Thomas Sutherland aka Shugga of Lemonal

by: Anita Nembhard
Tues. June 8, 2021

A teenager who is believe to have caused the fatal death of a senior citizen of Lemonal is lucky to be out on bail for manslaughter by negligence after he was arraigned this morning shortly before noon before Magistrate, Kiana Gordon in Court

18-year-old Leeron Leolyn Muslar, a Construction Worker of Lemonal Village was arraigned this morning in the Belize City Magistrate’s before Magistrate, Kiana Gordon who was assisted by the Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser during the arraignment.

Muslar who was represented by attorney, Orson “OJ” Elrington was read a total of six counts, one count of manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct, drove motor vehicle without due care and attention, failure to stop and render aid, using an unregistered motor vehicle, fail to report an accident, drove an unlicensed motorcycle and use motorcycle not covered by third party risk insurance.

No plea was taken from him as Magistrate Kiana Gordon explained to him that the charge of manslaughter by negligence is an indictable offense that will be tried on indictable and that the prosecutor is awaiting directives from the DPP office as to how they will procees on the other charges prior to trial.

While Head of Prosecution Branch, Alifah Elrington had no objection to bail being granted to Muslar she was concerned as to the allegation of him not stopping to render aid, for that reason she asked the court to consider placing stringent conditions on Muslar so he understand fully the serious nature of the offenses.

Magistrate Gordon agree and offered bail to Muslar in the sum of $4,000 pluS one surety of the same with conditions in which he was ordered to, report to the Bermudian Landing Police Station every Wednesday of the week between the hours of 6:00 a.m., and 6:00 p.m., until his case is dispose of; he was also ordered not to leave the country without the permission of the court.

Up until 12 this afternoon, Muslar remain in custody at the Belize City Court holding cell area.

The arrest of Muslar occurred on Saturday when he was detained by police for the fatal hit and run accident that took the life of 87-year-old, Thomas Sutherland aka “Shugga”, a resident of Lemonal Village.

Police investigation revealed that Sutherland was walking on the road heading home when he was hit by a black Meilun motorcycle driven at the time by Muslar.

The accident is said to have occurred sometime between 10:00 p.m., on Friday, June 4, 2021 and 1:00 a.m., on Saturday, June 5, 2021.

It was not until 5:00 a.m., that the lifeless body of Sutherland was found on the roadside.
His family believe he was hit and left to die and should he had received urgent medical treatment, he could have survived the ordeal.

Police say that his death was a hit and run until they found a black Meilun motorcycle hidden about 200 yards from Suterland’s body that led them to arrest Muslar.

Leeron Muslar next court date is set for August 10, 2021 and the date tentatively set also for disclosure to be given to him in the case.

THE COURT REPORT – Monday, June 7th. 2021!

Belizean Baker charge with attempted murder of Guatemalan Driver

by: Anita Nembhard
Belize City, Mon June 7, 2021

A stabbing incident which occur between a Belizean Baker and a Guatemalan Driver, both co-workers ended in one being injured and the other on remand at the Belize Central Prison.

The facts is indicating that may be the case but charges were levy against the man who pulled a knife and injured his co-worker.

This morning, 34-year-old Ernesto Antonio Sanchez Menjivar is on remand at the Belize Central Prison after being arraign on two criminal and indictable offenses of attempted murder and use of deadly means of harm upon 20-year-old Gerson Saol Almendares.

The arrest resulted from a stabbing incident that occurred on Friday, June 4, 2021 on Logwood Street, Belize City.

This morning Menjivar appeared unrepresented before Magistrate, Kiana Gordon in Court
No plea was taken from him as Magistrate Gordon explained that the charges are indictable offenses that will be tried in the Supreme Court.

Due to the nature of the offenses, bail was denied to Menjivar who was unrepresented in court was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until August 9, 2021.

According to reports, on June 4, 2021, at around 6:10 p.m., police were called out to the scene of a stabbing incident on Logwood Street where upon their arrival, they saw Almendarez bleeding profusely from the left side of his head and he was rushed to the KHMH.

Police initial investigation revealed that at 5:30 p.m., June 4th, Almendarez, a Baker of Logwood Street was walking through Constitution Park on Cemetery Road from the direction of Johnson Street when upon approaching the other side of the park, he was approached by his co-worker, 20-year-old Gerson Saol Almendarez, a Guatemalan Driver of Lords Bank Village who at the time was in the company of another man.

Police investigation also revealed that Almendarez advanced towards Menjivar and that is when the two got into an argument.

During the argument, Menjivar pulled out a knife from his waist and stab Almendarez.
According to the investigation, after being stabbed, Almendarez ran after Menjivar who ran towards Banak Street but manage to escape.

Police recovered what they believe was the knife used in the commission of the crime.

THE COURT REPORT – Monday, February 22nd. 2021

Homeless man is shot- Charged with aggravated assault upon cop who shot him- Harold Garbutt, a police officer!

By Anita Nembhard/Flowers
BELIZE CITY, Mon. Feb. 22, 2021

An unprovoked chopping incident left one man hospitalized on Valentine Weekend and a police officer who came under attack responding to the first chopping incident was lucky to escape injury with only an attempt to harm him by one homeless man.

According to police, on Saturday, February 13, 2021 at around 4:00 p.m., police responded to reports of a chopping incident on Marine Parade Boulevard and found one man injured as they too came under attack and was lucky to escape injury.

22-year-old Akeem Patterson was seen with a cut wound to his head and in a report to police said he was attacked by a homeless man later identify as Francis Ramos of a no fix address in Belize City.

Police say that the homeless man who earlier had inflicted chop wound to Patterson assaulted the police when he attacked him with a machete and as a result, the officer in self-defense fired a shot which caught him in his leg.

The homeless man who has been identify as 47-Francis Ramos, a Belizean has been hospitalized for the last nine days at the KHMH. Today he was released into police custody and was arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s court on a single charge of aggravated assault with a machete upon Harold Garbutt, (A police constable).

Ramos who claim he is homeless with a no fix address appeared before Senior Magistrate, Stephanie Gillett in Court #4 where he pleaded not guilty to the charge and was offered bail in the sum of $2,000 plus one surety which the magistrate order, his surety must be a Belizean surety.

But Ramos was unable to meet bail by the close of today’s office hours and he was remanded into custody at the Belize Central Prison until April 22, 2021.

Today in court, Ramos was not levy any charges yet in connection with the incident involving Akeem Patterson who was injured.

It appears Patterson has not yet requested court action in the matter hence why no charges yet at this time.

“Francis Ramos, 47, is still yet to be charge for the chopping of Akeem Augustine”

THE COURT REPORT – Friday, February 19th. 2021

25-year-old Calbert Eugene Humes is remanded to jail after arraign on a single charge of abetment to commit murder!

“Former May Flower Street resident is accused of facilitating Kareem Kelly who they say tried to kill notorious figure, Jervis Diamonds/Valencia on January 26, 2021”

by Anita Nembhard-Flowers
Belize City, Fri. Feb. 19

Three weeks ago, someone attempted to end the life of notorious criminal figure, Jervis Diamonds/ Valencia but even after being shot multiple times to the body, he lived to tell the tale and has since told police who tried to to kill him.

One of the men have since been identify as a relative, 21-year-old Kareem Kelly, his cousin of same street who resides just a few houses away from his home in that area .

Above: Calbert Eugene Humes is the first person to exit the police van.

Today police charge a second man, identified as another neighbor of the violent gang warfare area.

He has been identified as 25-year-old, Calbert Eugene Humes, a Fisherman and also a Construction Worker who claim he now lives in Hopkins Village but also once lived at #77 May Flower Street too.

Humes appeared unrepresented before Magistrate Stephanie Gillett in Court #4 this morning shortly after 11:00.

In court, a single charge of abetment to murder was read to him.

Allegations are that on January 26, 2021, he facilitated, 21-year-old Kareem Kelly to murder Jervis Diamonds/Valencia.

No plea was taken from him in court and Magistrate Gillett explained to him that due to the nature of the offense, she cannot grant him bail hence why he was remanded into custody at the Belize Central Prison until April 26, 2021.

On Monday, February 1, 2021, three weeks ago, Kareem Kelly, 21, a laborer of #5 May Flower Street who claim he is cousin to Diamonds/Valencia was arraign on a charge of attempt3d murder and remanded to prison.

Humes now joins Kelly at the Belize Central Prison until April 30, 2021 when both will appear in court together for first time.

Kareem Kelly was charged with three indictable criminal offenses of attempted murder, use of deadly means of harm and dangerous harm.

On Tuesday, January 26, 2021 sometime in the afternoon, a gunman open fire in the direction of the well-known criminal figure shooting him four times.

Valencia who was in the May Flower area also known as “Ghost Town” was hit as many as four times, once to the lower abdomen, the groin, and leg and another area of the body.

Diamond shooting is believe to be apart of an internal warfare in that gang controlled area.

Police say as Diamond/Valencia was sitting in a yard which is his home turf, when he was approached by five men, and one of them pulled out a gun and opened fire. Diamond Valencia – who has been shot before – then dashed through the alley but was shot to the the lower abdomen, the groin, and leg.