Minimum Wage Around The Region: The Caribbean & Central America

At this week ‘Cabinet Meeting’ ( Tuesday, Nov. 23rd. 2021) the government of Belize ‘John Briceno Administration’ announced that the labor department has been tasked with developing a plan to gradually increase the ‘Minimum Wage’ from $3.30bz. to $5.00bz.

Increasing the minimum wage was a promise of the PUP in the 2020 manifesto before the election and also the campaign slogan of ‘PLAN BELIZE’

Below is a comparison list of ‘Minimum Wages’ in the region and CARICOM countries.

CountryLocal $/hr$USD/hrNote
Bahamas$5.25Bd=$5.25usd/hrJan. 2017
Barbados $8.50Bd=$4.25USApril 2021
Belize $5.00Bz=$2.50US/hr2023
Haitirarely enforced <$1usd/hr less than $1/hr
Jamaica$7k-$9k/wk=$60usd/wk Jan.2023
TrinidadTT$17.50=$2.60usd/hrJan 2023
Guatemala10.60-11.60/hr=$1.50usd/hr2021 ^see note
Honduras$37 Lempira=$1.55uds/hr2021
Mexico$141mx-peso=$7.10usd/hr2021 *see note
El Salvador$1.50usd/hr2021 *see note
NOTE: Not all countries have hourly minimum wage, some have daily minimum wage, and some countries have different minimum wages that are based on the job sector. Additionally, Similar to the United States, where the Federal minimum wage is $7.25usd/hr. – Some border cities in northern states of Mexico have a higher minimum wage than some southern states in Mexico.

Not all countries have an hourly minimum wage, some have daily minimum wage, and some countries have different minimum wages that are based on the job sector. Additionally, Similar to the United States, where the Federal minimum wage is $7.25usd/hr. – Some cities in northern Mexico have a higher minimum wage than some southern states in Mexico.

Another example is El Salvador, where there are 4 different minimum wages ; two for the city and two for the countryside or rural areas. In certain areas Agriculture, and coffee or cotton workers are paid $8.00usd/day.

The minimum wage in a country or state is directly correlated with the ‘Standard of Living’; NOTE: The minimum wage in Belize has not changed in more than 10 years.

Written & Compiled by: / digitalBelize,LIVE Staff writer – Thursday, November 25th. 2021 –


A young woman identified as Venecia Staine was fatally stabbed in the village of Rockville on Easter Sunday. Reports are that sometime after 5pm. an altercation in the village lead to the stabbing of Venecia Staine. She is from Belize City.

She was rushed to the K.H.M.H and died as a result of multiple stab wounds. The circumstances of the incident has not been officially released at the time of this news posting.

This is a developing story and News Flash on

Know Your World (part 1) Satanism In Brazil

Several Weeks ago, hundreds of thousand of people were celebrating in the streets of the City of Rio in Brazil with characters that are Satanic.

Brazil is the largest and most populous nation in South America and although the event could be labeled as theatrics its influence is unmistakable. But no major news organization in the world has reported constructively on the event.

The Racist Angle

There are however; some articles from obscure and mysterious websites that have tried to link the event to Afro-Latin culture and are not critical of this most disturbing trend that is prying upon the human-frailty, of wanting to believe in something other than the almighty god.

The Carnival must have been planned for months, and its participant’s costumes and floats were also being constructed and planned for many months.

The main question that has been asked by many is ‘Who are the root sponsors of the event, who supplied the money to support the event, and do the participants really believe in Satan.

Some journalist have set out to find out who the lead people are, that are dancing in-front of the Satan-character, a remote-controlled-Hollywood like creature that moved as if it were alive.

The multi-day Carnival was interrupted by biblical flooding, and President of Brazil ‘Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva‘ (a Roman Catholic) has declared 5 towns ‘A State of Emergency’.


The man in a roman-esk like costume has been found to be a janitorial supervisor working at a industrial facility just outside the city.

Since the Carnival started, Brazil has been deluged by historic-biblical flood, and in a comical but tragic way, some of the same participants from the Carnival are seen on camera asking and thanking god for sparing their lives.

The demonic ‘Black Crows that can understand the English language
(not really, its people with electronics)

Of coincidence are the demonic Black-Crows that have been seen and heard making strange and uncharacteristic noises all over Belize.

Comments on Social-Media have ranged from: its a very serious sign of people loosing faith; while others have commented that it is a theatrical ‘Trial Run’ by real demonic Puppet-Masters that are people here on earth.

Video | Video |

LOO ‘Shyne’ Barrow Escorted From House Sitting After Comments To Speaker Of The House

Today’s sitting of the House of Representatives and Budget presentation had several interruptions, testy exchanges and standing order objections. Near the end of the session there was a moment when the Speaker of the House of Representatives ‘Hon. Valerie Woods’ indicated to the ‘Leader of Opposition’ (LOO) Hon. Moses ‘Shyne’ Barrow that a standing order complaint was not appropriate for the objection he made.

During the back-n-forth and cross-talking the LOO said that the speaker was acting like a PUP.

For that the speaker requested that he withdraw the statement, the LOO did not retract the comment, and the speaker requested that the LOO be removed from the house sitting by the Sargent of Arms.

The following video above shows the entire situation.

The LOO then finally withdrew his comments just before being escorted out of the House of Representatives by the Sargent of Arms.

The New Laws Have Made ‘Being In A Gang’ Very Unattractive & The Stakes Are Very High ‘Your Freedom’

But What Defines A Gang, And Do Those Charged Understand The Law

In the past few days the sweep to find and charge ‘Gang Members’ has begun again. And so far this year (2023) at least 5 persons have been charged with being a member of a gang.

In the past 5 days there have been several arrests;

21-year-old Jamaal Herbert was charged with being a member of the ‘George Street Gang’ (photo above )

23-year-old Fitzroy Gerald Myles was charged with being a member of the ‘George Street Gang’ (photo above )

24-year-old Clent Egbert of Baracat Street was also charged and jailed with being a member of a gang.(photo above )

In Law, the official title of the amendment that gang-members are violating is titled “The Crime Control and Criminal Justice Act”, and it was tabled, debated and passed by the House Of Representatives in the early months of  2018.  

The  amendments were introduced to, add to, and redefine current laws to tackle the increase in gang-related crimes.

And so after much commentary and cries from the victims families and the general public, appealing to the government and law-enforcement,  the new amendments then went to the Senate for approval and was passed into law.

On page 4 of the 35 page amendment document, the definition of a Gang, a Gang Leader and Gang Member is articulated.

But are the young men charged with being a member of a gang understand that the law was specifically crafted to thwart their activity, and do they realize how high the price will be if you are found guilty of being a gang member.

About 6 months ago (October 2022) 4 reputed gang-figures were sentenced to 18 months in prison for being a member of a gang.  

There have been many other detentions of gang-figures, and they all face lengthy court proceedings to challenge the charge of being in a gang.

Ref: Law,  “The Crime Control and Criminal Justice Act”