Minimum Wage Around The Region: The Caribbean & Central America

At this week ‘Cabinet Meeting’ ( Tuesday, Nov. 23rd. 2021) the government of Belize ‘John Briceno Administration’ announced that the labor department has been tasked with developing a plan to gradually increase the ‘Minimum Wage’ from $3.30bz. to $5.00bz.

Increasing the minimum wage was a promise of the PUP in the 2020 manifesto before the election and also the campaign slogan of ‘PLAN BELIZE’

Below is a comparison list of ‘Minimum Wages’ in the region and CARICOM countries.

CountryLocal $/hr$USD/hrNote
Bahamas$5.25Bd=$5.25usd/hrJan. 2017
Barbados $8.50Bd=$4.25USApril 2021
Belize $3.30Bz=$1.65US/hr2021
Haitirarely enforced <$1usd/hr less than $1/hr
Jamaica$7,000/wk=$45usd/wk Jun.2018
TrinidadTT$17.50=$2.60usd/hrDec 2019
Guatemala10.60-11.60/hr=$1.50usd/hr2021 ^see note
Honduras$37 Lempira=$1.55uds/hr2021
Mexico$141mx-peso=$7.10usd/hr2021 *see note
El Salvador$1.50usd/hr2021 *see note
NOTE: Not all countries have hourly minimum wage, some have daily minimum wage, and some countries have different minimum wages that are based on the job sector. Additionally, Similar to the United States, where the Federal minimum wage is $7.25usd/hr. – Some border cities in northern states of Mexico have a higher minimum wage than some southern states in Mexico.

Not all countries have an hourly minimum wage, some have daily minimum wage, and some countries have different minimum wages that are based on the job sector. Additionally, Similar to the United States, where the Federal minimum wage is $7.25usd/hr. – Some cities in northern Mexico have a higher minimum wage than some southern states in Mexico.

Another example is El Salvador, where there are 4 different minimum wages ; two for the city and two for the countryside or rural areas. In certain areas Agriculture, and coffee or cotton workers are paid $8.00usd/day.

The minimum wage in a country or state is directly correlated with the ‘Standard of Living’; NOTE: The minimum wage in Belize has not changed in more than 10 years.

Written & Compiled by: / digitalBelize,LIVE Staff writer – Thursday, November 25th. 2021 –


A young woman identified as Venecia Staine was fatally stabbed in the village of Rockville on Easter Sunday. Reports are that sometime after 5pm. an altercation in the village lead to the stabbing of Venecia Staine. She is from Belize City.

She was rushed to the K.H.M.H and died as a result of multiple stab wounds. The circumstances of the incident has not been officially released at the time of this news posting.

This is a developing story and News Flash on

Official Police Report | Man Caught With Policeman’s Gun


On Monday 14 November 2022, about 7:40am Marcus Locario, 43years, Belizean PC #842 attached to Prosecution Branch, Eastern (Police) Division reported to Precinct I that on Saturday 12 November 2022, around 11:00pm he went to MJ’s Night Club to perform Special Duty with a 9mm pistol bearing S/N 061572 containing (1) magazine with (14) 9mm live rounds, assigned to Prosecution Branch. Upon coming off duty on Sunday 13 November 2022, about 4:00am, he took a ride on a motorcycle with a co-worker to a room at Prosecution Branch Office.

Whilst at the prosecution office PC Locario stated that he can only remember that he sat on a chair and fall asleep. Around 4:40am on the 13 November. 2022 he was awakened by a Corporal who asked him if he was going to catch his bus and he told him that he will catch the 5:00am bus. The Corporal then asked him for the firearm but he was unable to produce it. PC Locario claims that he was not sure if he arrived at Prosecution Office with the firearm or not.

On Friday 18 November, 2022 PC 842 Marcus Locario appeared infront of a Disciplinary Tribunal to answer to a single charge of “Lost By Neglect” that concluded on Tuesday 22 November, 2022. Locario was Fined $200.00 for the charge and was surcharged $3,195 and the value of (14) rounds of ammunition valued at $17.00 to a total of $3,212.00.

Please note that the firearm was found on Monday 21 November, 2022 and the case is pending infront of the Magistrate Court where Benito Choco was charged (i) Kept firearm without a gun license and (ii) Kept ammunition without a gun license.

3 Men Fatally Shot At House In Sandhill Village

On Thursday, November 17, 2022, at about 10:35 p.m., based on information received police responded to a report at mile 19 Sand Hill village, Belize District.

Upon arrival, they entered a yellow elevated wooden house where they observed the motionless bodies of three (3) male persons with apparent gunshot wounds to their bodies.

Initial investigation revealed that, at about 10:30 p.m., shots were heard in the area, subsequently police were alerted.

The individuals were later identified by family members as; Emerson Garcia, a 43-year-old, Belizean laborer, Jareem Jammal Davis, a 20-year-old, Belizean laborer, and Charleston Jenkins, a 19-year-old, all of a Sandhill Village address.

The bodies were transported to the KHMH where they were all pronounced dead on arrival.
Police are investigating.

This afternoon the COMPOL and other officers and investigators went to Sandhill and also briefed the media on the ongoing investigation.  

Sr. Superintendent of Police  Hilberto Romero told the media that the house where the triple murder took place was known for selling marijuana,  but the police are investigating all possible motives for the triple murder.

TropicAir Adds Weekly Non-Stop Service To San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Steve Schulte CEO Tropic Air 4th. from left in suit

Tropic Air has announced service to another destination in Honduras, and will now add 2 flights a week, direct-non-stop flight to the Ramón Villeda Morales International Airport (SAP) in San Pedro Sula, Honduras from Belize’s main airport the P.G.I.A . (BZE)-to-(SAP).

The company said San Pedro Sula becomes Tropic’s second destination in Honduras, in addition to Roatán.

TropicAir was founded by John Greif (III) in 1979, with 1 airplane and 2 employees; and is headquartered in San Pedro Ambergris Caye, Belize. By years-end the company will be celebrating 43 years of service in Belize, a fleet of 17 aircrafts, with flights to many destinations in Belize and non-stop service to destinations in Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras.

According to global statistics provider Statista, Honduras recorded approximately 720,000 overnight visitors to Honduras before the pandemic and in 2021 460,000 overnight tourist; the majority of the tourist visited San Pedro Sula and Roatán.

Contact TropicAir for schedule, as dates may change