A young woman identified as Venecia Staine was fatally stabbed in the village of Rockville on Easter Sunday. Reports are that sometime after 5pm. an altercation in the village lead to the stabbing of Venecia Staine. She is from Belize City.

She was rushed to the K.H.M.H and died as a result of multiple stab wounds. The circumstances of the incident has not been officially released at the time of this news posting.

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Latest COVID-19 Data & Infographics For Tue. August 3rd.
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Tuesday, August 3rd. 1.00.pm

MOH Update Info About 'James Bus Line'

The Ministry of Health & Wellness (MOHW), through its ongoing surveillance activities, updates the public that as of today a total of 18 employees from the James Bus Line (JBL) cluster have tested positive for COVID-19.
Ministry Of Health Statement: PDF Doc.
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Latest Public Service Announcements & Recent Government Regulations

Friday July 30th. San Pedro Town Council Enact New Fees For Crossing ‘Sir Barry Bowen Bridge’  – PDF Document

Tuesday July 13th. Temporary Closure of Dept. Of Youth Services  – PDF Document

Wednesday July 7st. The Central Building Authority (CBA) informs the public that anyone wishing to construct, demolish, or renovate a structure within the municipal boundaries of Punta Gorda and Benque Viejo Del Carmen towns and the surrounding areas will need to apply for a permit. – PDF Document


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THE COURT REPORT – Monday July, 19th. 2021

THE CASE OF: Man Accused of 2018 Murder of Leon Bernard

by Anita Nembhard- Flowers
Belize City, Mon. July 19, 2021

Tonight Pinks Alley resident, 28-year-old, Steven Flowers, aka “Fats” or “Grizzly” is a free man after the DPP ended their murder case against him this morning with a nolle-prosequi.

It is what Flowers was anticipating he told us and today his dream came through after Judge Herbert lord, the presiding judge over the matter gave him the good news in court at around 10am Monday morning (July 19th.) in the Supreme Court.

Judge Lord first heard from the crown, represented by Crown Counsel from the DPP’s office, Romey Wade who was asked to commence the Case Management for Flowers but instead of reviewing the evidence the police claim they would be relying on in the trial against Flowers, the crown Wade entered a nolle-prosequi and served the court with those documents which simply meant the crown had no evidence at this time to proceed against Flowers.

Steven Flowers ( walked Free due to nolle prosequi. )

Judge Lord in layman’s term explain to the accuse what a nolle-prosequi means that ‘the prosecution’ (the crown), will not be offering any evidence against him at this time, no witnesses were called to the stand, he said, hence the case against you, is dismissed.

He further explained to Flowers that, “I must tell you that whenever they enter a nolle prosequi, the crown have the rights to bring back charges against you, but 99.5 of the time, the crown does not bring back a charge, explained Judge lord.

And while Judge Lord emphasized on the rare instant of such occurrence, for Flowers it was freedom after three years and six months in prison.

The Pinks Alley resident was taken back to the cell block and within minutes emerged free and was whisk off from the court area on a motorcycle.

Before he left the court precinct, Flowers told us that he was innocent and that the charges will not be brought back because he never committed the crime.

Flowers who is a twin and whose twin was also gunned down in the violence Streets of the city who charged for the January 1, 2018 stabbing murder of gang associate figure, 30-year-old, Leon Garcia (aka Leon Gentle) on who was stabbed multiple times to the body and a fatal stab which landed in the center of his chest took his life.

The statements taken by police from eyewitnesses which came from two of his hang out friends suggested that their was a street brawl at the corner of Newtown Barracks and New Road early in the wee hours of New Years morning, January 1, 2018 at around sometime after 3:00 a.m., when Leon Garcia and others were hanging out and ambushed by another group of men who came in the area.

Garcia’s two male friends of the group told police that they saw Flowers throwing stabbing punch and blows at him.
At the end of the street brawl, Garica was stabbed multiple times and even though he was rushed to the KHMH, he died at 4:30 a.m.,

The post-mortem by the doctor said he died from a penetrating stab wound to the chest.
The crown case would not make it to a trial since when the police went in search for the two crown witnesses it turn out futile.

One of them who were located indicated to the crown that his friend is already dead and no matter what he did now, it would not bring him back.

The other could not be located and after numerous visit to his home, he later called and told the crown he was not interested in testifying in the case.

THE COURT REPORT – Thursday, July 15th. 2021

The Case Of – Teenager Got Gun To Protect Family – Son told court he had gun for his personal protection after his Mothers house was shot up and sister 14 shot!

by Anita Nembhard-Flowers
Belize City, Thurs. July 15, 2021

A mother is heart broken and sad after leaving court today having to see her son go to jai. And while she is free with her other children, her 19 year old teenage son was send to jail for a gun he bought three weeks ago to protect his family after his younger sibling 14 was shot when his mother’s house was targeted and shot up.

It was a bitter sweet ending as the mother, 44-year-old, Marcia Martin of Hattieville exited the court free along with 3 of her children and having to weep for her 19-year old son, Devon Martin Jr., who was sentenced to 18 months each for a 19- mm pistol loaded with 11 live rounds of ammunitions in its magazine.

At 1 this afternoon, Marcia Martin, her son , 19-year old Devon Martin Jr., and 3 of her minor children, a boy, 17, two daughters 17 and 14, two of her daughter-in-laws, 20-year-old, Kimberly Solomon, and another daughter in law 17, a minor and her son-In-law 17, all who were inside sleeping at the time of a police search at their home for firearm and ammunitions at around 5:45 a.m., yesterday morning.

In court, the family was all unrepresented and Martin Jr., took the rap for the illegal gun and ammo- stating he purchased the gun, for self protection only, saying he never carried it outside, but had it after his little sister was shot.
The gun he said he bought three weeks ago.

But police did a search warrant at Devon Martin’s Jr., Mom’s house base on information that they received of a gun inside the home. And their source was right and because of that Marcia Martin and her entire family were dragged to court.

It was a very embarrassing circumstances for the family and they were also facing prison time as they could have all been remanded to prison if no one had taken responsibility for the found items.

After Martin Jr., took the rap for the gun and ammos prosecutor, Corporal Carlos Poot withdrew the charges from the others and they were free to go.

Police say that yesterday morning at around 5:45 p.m., officers of the Anti Drugs and Firearms Operations surrounded the Martin’s house when PC Rodriguez ran to the back of the house and saw a hand push out a window and a black bag was thrown out along with a gun which later followed the bag.

The items were picked up and inside the bag was a magazine for a gun carrying 11 rounds and a black 19- mm pistol.

As a result, the entire eight persons inside the house was detain and escorted to the Hattieville Police Station and later charged with kept firearm and ammunitions without being granted a gun license.

Devon Martin Jr., was sentenced to two- 18 months prison term but since the Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser order that the sentences run concurrently instead of consecutively, Martin will only have to spend 18 months, or a year and a half instead of three years.

The mandatory prison sentence for firearm or ammunitions is five years, but the Chief in using her own discretion imposed a lesser time on the teenager who picked up his first conviction today for a firearm related offense.

After he pleaded guilty, Martins’ mom, sisters and brothers and his in-laws all saw the charges withdraw from them and they were free to go.

Three New Judges Appointed To The Court Of Appeal

Yesterday evening (Thursday July 15th.) Three new judges were appointed to the ‘Court of Appeals’;

In a virtual ceremony the three justices were sworn in to the Court of Appeal by Governor General H.E. Froyla Tzalam.

Justice ‘Marguerite Woodstock Riley‘ of Barbados, received a Bachelor of Laws from the University of the West Indies (UWI) and has been called to the bar in six countries. She has previously served as a judge of the high court.

Justice Sandra Minott-Phillips from Jamaica, holds a Bachelor of Laws from UWI and has published several legal articles in the West Indies Law Journal.

Justice Peter Foster, holds a Bachelors of Arts in Law from the University of North London and served as a High Court Judge in the British Virgin Islands and Anguilla.


The Court of Appeal exercises an appellate jurisdiction over both the High Court and Magistracy and has jurisdiction and powers to hear and determine appeals in civil and criminal matters. While this Court is established with a President and three Justices of Appeal, a panel of three Justices sits at any one time.

14 Year Old Minor Reportedly Shot By Police In Placencia Village

UPDATE July 16th. 3pm.
On Thursday, the morning after the shooting death of ‘Laddie Gillett’ police corporal ‘ 27 year old Kareem Martinez’ was detained. This morning (Friday, July 16th.) he appeared in Belmopan magistrate court and did not enter a plea for the offences of manslaughter and other charges for the shooting of 14 year old ‘Laddie Gillett’. After the court read the current charge against him, his attorney ‘Hurl Hamilton’ applied for bail and it was granted in the sum of $4,000.00 (four thousand) plus a surety of the same amount, totaling $8,000.00.

A 14 year-old minor is dead and there are many questions as to how he was reportedly shot by a police officer in Placencia Village last night (Wednesday July 14th.)
Sometime after 9.30pm. Laddie Gillett was shot in his back and died at the scene. The teenager is reportedly from the ‘Chaa Creek’ area; and is a student in the Cayo District. The location of the incident is many hours away from ‘Chaa Creek’.

– – – – – – – – – – –

UPDATE : OFFICIAL POLICE REPORT: The Shooting Death Of Laddie Gillett

On Wednesday 14th July, 2021 at about 10:31pm, acting on information received of shots fired on the north beach side of Placencia Village, Near the Placencia Beach Club and someone transported to the Placencia Polyclinic with gunshot injury. Placencia CIB visited the Placencia Polyclinic where Police observed the motionless body of a male person lying on the clinic’s bed facing up and bleeding from his nose. Upon making physical checks on the body along with the doctor police observed what appeared to be an apparent gunshot wound to the upper left side of his chest and back bleeding profusely.

Initial investigations revealed that on Tuesday 14th July, 2021 at about 9:50pm, police received a call via 911 from the Security at the Placencia Beach Club of suspicious individuals seen near the said establishment dressed in black clothing in the dark area. As a result, information was relayed to personnel onboard the mobile who responded to the report. The Officers reported that upon their arrival at the location they met with the security guard who reported seeing about three male individuals in the dark area near his work site acting suspicious.

As a result police began to canvas the area and during the process two male individuals rushed out of the dark and ran on a western direction evading the police who were standing by the beach side. As a result, other police officers pursued them and in the process, one of the Officers fired a single shot with his service issued firearm which is a black in color 9 mm pistol in the direction of the individuals hitting one of them, while the other male individual was apprehended by the police. Thereafter, the injured individual was rendered assistance by the police and escorted to the Placencia Polyclinic for medical attention but succumbed to his injury upon arrival. The victim was Laddie Gillett 14yrs, Belizean Student of Chaa Creek, Cayo District. The other individual was escorted to the Placencia Police Station.

The Commissioner of Police has since ordered that both a Criminal and Internal investigation be conducted into this report.



The followingis the proposal for Cannabis Operation License :

(1) Every person who desires to store, market and otherwise sell cannabis shall apply in writing to the Commission for a Dispensary Operation License.

(2) An application under sub-section (1) shall–

(a) be accompanied by the prescribed fee; and

(b) provide a detailed business plan containing the following information–

(i) product and services to be offered;

(ii) full disclosure of any individuals who have or will have managing or operational control with respect to the applicant’s operations and facilities;

(v) full disclosure of any individuals who have invested in or have any other financial interest in company;
(vi) full disclosure of any individuals who hold interests or rights arising under shared management companies, management agreements, or other agreements that afford a third-party management or operational control with respect to the applicant’s company, its operations or the related facilities;

(vii) background check and INTERPOL clearance of all identified interested parties for review and screening by the Commission; and

(viii) prior year tax return from all individuals and legal entities in ownership structure;

(ix) detailed marketing and sales plan, including pricing strategy;

(x) proposal for providing cannabis products to consumers with hardship, charity care or medical needs;

(xi) detailed security plan for all operations including live video surveillance with video feeds available to the Commission; and

(xii) detailed energy efficiency plan for all operations.

(3) In considering the grant of a Dispensary License the Commission shall take into account the market demand, geography and any other relevant factors.

(4) The Commission shall grant a Dispensary License if –

(a) the applicant is 18 years or older;

(b) at least one citizen of Belize is in the ownership structure and on the management team of the proposed business;

(c) all operating facilities are compliant with recognized Current Good Manufacturing Practices; and

(d) the applicant, to the satisfaction of the Commission, provides the information required under sub-section (2).

(5) A person issued a Dispensary License shall be allowed to purchase cannabis only from the Central Nursery.

(6) A person issued a Cannabis Unity Project License who contravenes sub-section (5) commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of fifteen thousand dollars and on conviction for a second offence, revocation of license.


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The Big Business Of Cement

Cementos Progreso SA, has opened a new cement manufacturing facility at mile 34 on the George Price Hwy. in the Belize District. The opening of the facility was done in a small inauguration ceremony with much fanfare, which including a ‘ribbon cutting’ by the Prime Minister, Hon. John Briceno.

Government of Belize Video:

Cementos Progreso is headquartered in Guatemala City and is one of the largest cement manufacturer in Central America. The company has approximately 1,300 employees and many facilities all over Guatemala. Latest annual revenue was reported at $221.7 million USD or $1.7-billion Guatemalan Quetzals’.

Cementos Progreso’s manufacturing plant at mile 34 on the George Price Hwy. will produce 5800psi and 4000psi cement.

Cement is not concrete; concrete is the final hardened product after it is mixed with sand and gravel (known in that industry as ‘AGRIGATES ‘ ) and then mixed with water.
The 5800 psi cement is the stronger type of cement.

A Technician explains to Prime Minister Briceno how the product is tested for quality and strength.

Residential communities such as La Democracia and Mahogany Heights should benefit from new jobs that should be created as the company ramps up it manufacturing facility for infrastructure development in Belize and potential exports to CARICOM member states.

Prior to the arrival of Cementos Progreso, most of the cement used for construction in Belize was the MAYA brand, which is produced by an even larger conglomerate, CEMEX International SA of Mexico; Which is the largest cement company in the Americas.

How Is Cement Made: video courtesy – Hamid & Sara Engineering

In early 2021 FORBES MAGAZINE Centro-America, did a news article on Cementos Progreso and stated –
“The firm has a 75% share of the cement market in Guatemala, due to the 3 million tons that come out of its kilns each year.”

By establishing a plant in Belize, Cementos Progreso SA now has the potential to export to other CARICOM member states; without high tariffs that would be imposed if it were shipped from Guatemala, but those options will need to be approved by CARICOM’s Trade regulators.

Written & Compiled by: channel1Belize.com / digitalBelize,LIVE Staff writer – July 6th. 2021 – digitalbelize@gmail.com

Family of ‘Jasmine Hartin’ Launches ‘GoFundMe’ Page To Raise Money For Legal Expenses

Part 9 of 9
The Jasmine Hartin Saga:

The accused ‘Jasmine Suzanne Hartin’ and her family have created a ‘GoFundMe’ page seeking donations for the legal cost for her defense in the ‘Manslaughter By Negligence’ killing of Superintendent Henry Jemmott on San Pedro.

The 32 year old Hartin came to Belize 7 years ago and met the father of her fraternal twins, ‘Andrew Ashcroft’ who ‘reportedly’ has not offered help to ‘Hartin’.

Her defense attorney on record ‘SC Godfrey Smith’ and Bail attorney ‘SC Dickey Bradley’ have both stated that she is facing serious charges but SC Godfrey Smith said ‘she would be wise not to abscond the country since the case may not result in jail time.

This afternoon we checked out the ‘GoFundMe Page’ which has a photo with a ‘channel 5 watermark’ shows Hartin and her children next to her. At midday the ‘GO-FUND-ME’ page which was created yesterday July 5th. has already raised $350USD.

Despite all the troubles she has had in the past month, Hartin’s GoFundMe-Page states the her bANK account was hacked and she has been unable to access her finances.

Part 8 of 9 – The Jasmine Hartin Saga:

About: GoFundMe website

Written & Compiled by: channel1Belize.com / digitalBelize,LIVE Staff writer – July 6th. 2021 – digitalbelize@gmail.com


The ‘House of Representatives’ met in Belmopan today (Friday July 2nd.) and many ‘Bills’ were introduced and ‘Read’. The following are 5 important ‘Bills’ that were introduced.

Amendment To Companies Act: Reducing or Removing fees for forming a company in Belize.

Amendment To Companies Act: Reducing or Removing fees for forming a company in Belize.(Video-Segment)

Electronic Transfer & Transaction Bill(Video-Segment)

Tax Administration & Procedures Act. – (Video-Segment)

Bill to Amend The Misuse of Drugs Act: Cannabis Licensing Bill(Video-Segment)

Act to Amend The Constitution to Disqualify A Person From Being A Member of The House of Rep. If they Were Convicted of Serious Crime. (Video-Segment)

A Juxtapose Of Leadership In The U.D.P

Sparks Could Fly – As Patrick Faber Asserts His Leadership & Debating Skills At Friday’s House Of Representatives Meeting

Tuesday, June 29th.
Belize City

Yesterday afternoon (June 28th.) the shuffle inside the U.D.P and jockeying for power positions in the wake of the unseating of Patrick Faber as ‘Leader of The Opposition’ in the House is a step closer to a new leader of the UDP Party.

Apparently Senator Khalid Belisle will be replaced by former Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley in the Senate. The move has been interpreted as a strategic effort to replace Partick Faber, since it would be normal that the leader of the party must have a seat in either the House of Rep. or the Senate.

If it occurs, a sort of Juxtapose will be on the UDP side, wherein ‘Jamal Shyne Barrow’ will be leader of the opposition in the House of Rep. but not Leader of the UDP. with Patrick sitting on the bench.

In his press conference from UDP HQ on (Friday June 25th.) the embattled party leader said that we will see who is the real leader/debater of the opposition when the House of Rep. meets on Friday July 2nd.

On July 11 the United Democratic Party will hold a leadership convention at the ‘Birds Isle’ to determine who will be the next party leader. A sure contestant for that post is the current embattled leader Partick J Faber.