The Conflicting Case Of The Death Of Abrie Tuyul

On Friday evening (October 22nd) A woman who was reportedly 8-months pregnant was found dead in San Pedro town. According to initial investigation the body of 20-year-old Abrie Tuyul was found on the bathroom floor of her home.

But on Monday, October 25th. at the usual police press briefing, communications director Fitzroy Yearwood said that Abrie Tuyu was found hanging in the bathroom of her home; which would suggest that it was a possible suicide.

The common law husband of ‘Abrie Tuyu’ has been detained but there are conflicting reports of his involvement or if someone else was the cause or ( as has been widely circulated) that she or someone may have attempted to do an abortion; which would be technically impossible at 8 months, via that barbaric method.

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Our society has become complacent and accepting so many atrocities in our communities. The focus of these problems seem to only last for as long as it is in the news; which is sometimes less than 24 hours. Which is then replaced by a new story of similar atrocities somewhere else.

Dominican & Columbian Passengers Denied Entry: MoFA Refutes Bribe Fee Allegations

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration has responded to allegations that ‘Immigration Officers’ were arrested based on claims that they requested bribes for entry into Belize.

In response the ministry has made the following ‘Press Statement’ indicating that on Thursday October 22nd., 11 passengers that arrived on a COPA Airlines flight form Panama were denied entry into Belize at the P.G.I.A because they did not meet certain requirements and were possibly being the participants of a human smuggling operation.

  • Press Release:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade, and Immigration denies statements on social and mainstream media of 22nd October 2021 which falsely allege that Immigration Officers charged high fees to foreigners entering Belize, and that two Immigration Officers have been detained by the Police Department for questioning.

On the 22nd of October 2021, a COPA Flight originating from Panama had eleven individuals who were Refused Leave to Land in Belize, as they did not meet the minimum requirements for entry into Belize. Seven of these individuals, namely four Colombians, and three nationals of the Dominican Republic were processed and returned to Panama on the same day.

However, four of them, two Dominicans, one Venezuelan, and one Brazilian, could not be processed before the COPA flight departed, were held overnight by the Police Department, and will be returned to Panama today via TAG Airlines.

The Ministry will continue to monitor and manage migration flows for the national security and economic development of Belize; as we strive to enhance citizen and migrant services by becoming a modern, innovated, and interconnected organization to facilitate human mobility.
Individuals that have valid concerns, issues and information related to Immigration, please contact us at:

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On Thursday October 14th. the Ministry of Health’s (up to the Minute) Facebook/Video Dr. J. Sabido indicated that the curfew hours may be adjusted, dependent on the positivity rate. So we decided to compile some information to let you know a little bit more about the Positivity Rate, what it means, how to calculate it and how we have been doing in the past few months.

For some historical prospective on the statistic known as the Positivity Rate we can look back to August 19th. 2021 and September 1st. 2021, shown in the MOH Infographics Charts below.

Precisely 2 Months ago the positivity rate was about 6%-7% – Positivity Rates can fluctuate widely dependent on accuracy of data collected. But it is a very good indicator of how well the country is fairing, in its fight against COVID-19.

On August 19th. 2021 the POSITIVITY RATE WAS 6.9% (1,624 Tests & 111 positive )

On September 1st. 2021 the POSITIVITY RATE WAS 9.25% (1,513 Tests & 140 positive )

Precisely 2 Months ago the positivity rate was about 6%-7% – Positive Rates can fluctuate widely dependent on accuracy of data collected. But it is a very good indicator of how well the country is doing.

To calculate the COVID-19 Positivity Rate:
Number of Positive Cases (—) divided by the Total Test Done (—-) x 100

NOTE: MoH uses ‘Persons Tested’ and not ‘New Tests’ to calculate Positivity rate.

A few months ago the Orange Walk district was the primary area that contributed to a higher Positivity Rate, although the population their is much less than Belize City.

Today, the October 18/19th. COVID-19 report, Belize City is the area with the highest COVID-19 Positive cases (135); whether or not the Orange Walk district or Cayo, or other districts are being tested less (based on a percentage of the population in those districts) is not clear at the moment. But the most recent data from MoHw indicates that Belize City accounted for 135 cases. With that data we can immediately see that if we removed the cases found in the Belize district the Positivity rate would be 8.5% to 9.5%.

The population of the Belize district is approximately 37% of Belize’s entire population. The statistical data collected by the Ministry of Health is the primary factor that affect changes in regulations and the strategy of how and where the government will combat the spread of the virus.

What can ‘you’ do to help combat the spread and bring down the positivity rate: Please Read This !

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A Seriously Comical Robbery

On Thursday a Caribbean Chicken delivery truck was robbed at gun-point in Belmopan by 2 armed robbers.

The robbers then locked the side-man ‘Daniel Magana’ in the chicken freezer (the back of the truck) where the temperature is a chilly 40 degrees, the robbers then drove away with the chicken truck, with the driver ‘Odin Herrera’ and the side-man locked in the freezer down several streets in Belmopan City.

Fearing for his life, the driver who was seated in the passenger seat, as the robbers drove his truck, he jumped out of the speeding truck like a stuntman, and called for help!.

The police were notified and dispatched to chase the truck, but by that time the robbers had already ditched the truck and ran away. The side-man was rescued from the freezer by police. Several hundred dollars was stolen from the days sales.

Police have detained one suspect and are looking for another.

BELIZE COMPARISON COVID-19 STATISTICS + Vaccination & Sanitization Is A Winning Strategy Against COVID-19

This chart indicates how Belize has been doing in our efforts to combat the COVID-19 Virus, in comparison to neighboring countries and countries in the CARICOM Union.

CountryVAX % Deaths
Oct. 14th.
Pop% Reuters Data
infection per 100K
BELIZE48% &39%457430,000352 per 100k
MEXICO53% &39%283,574130 Mil29 per 100k
JAMAICA19% &11%2,0723 Mil42 per 100k
GUATEMALA28% &17%14,20417 Mil52 per 100k
HONDURAS34% &26%10,08310 Mil29 per 100k
BARBADOS50% &39%108288,000704 per 100k
Trinidad 44% &40.5%1,5731.4 Mil94 per 100K
Bahamas590395,00098 per 100K
*data as of October 14th. 2021 NOTE,far right on the chart the disparity of cases per 100,000 in small countries and those with larger populations. A possible explanation is that countries with small populations have a higher rate of accuracy data.

In addition to getting Vaccinated:Here are a few tips to help eliminate (kill) COVID-19 virus from your home.

Wash Fruits and Vegetables in very warm or boiling water, the COVID-19 Virus cannot survive if you wash fruits and vegies in 150F-degrees or higher.

Spray your entire home with Lysol, or any very fine mist spray of a solution that has been designated to kill viruses.

Clorox wipes are costly, but effective against eliminating the COVID-19 Virus. Or a natural solution of lime juice water 10:1 mixture.

Spray the inside of your car with Lysol or any very fine misting spray that has at least 60-70% alcohol. Especially if it is used very often, such a a TAXI Cab, etc.

There are also a few unconventional Tips that if they seem to work then do them.
Blow your nose more frequently than you normally do. Because the COVID-19 Virus enters your body primarily through you nostrils.

The COVID-19 Virus is technically everywhere, so killing the virus is a survival strategy that works.

The Best Ways to Kill Coronavirus in Your Home
Whatever cleaning solution you use, let it remain in contact with the surface long enough to kill viruses and other pathogens. The time needed will depend on the chemical.

Don’t use different cleaning agents at the same time. Some household chemicals, if mixed, can create dangerous and poisonous gases.

Six New covid-19 Deaths Reported By Ministry Of Health in 24 Hours

Six New COVID-19 Deaths have been reported by the Ministry of Health (October 14th.) in the past 24 hours. 2 are females and 4 are males. 5 were Un-Vaccinated and 1 Fully Vaccinated.

4 of the victims were from the Belize district, 1 from Orange Walk and 1 from Stann Creek.

1 of those who died were in the 30-39 age bracket and 2 was in the 50-59 age bracket and 1 died in each age bracket 60-69, 70-79 and 80+ age bracket respectively. The current number of patients in the ICU is 12.


At about 4:20 p.m. today Wednesday 13th, Belmopan QRT conducted operation based on Intelligence provided by Special Branch, and as a result they intercepted a gray color four door Toyota Sequoia, on Trinity Boulevard in Belmopan. The vehicle bore license plate CY C-38699, and at the time it was being driven by ‘Orlando Pascasio’.

A search of the vehicle was conducted and during that search a black shopping bag was found in the back portion of the vehicle.

Suspect: Orlando Pascasio

The bag contained five(5) rectangular parcels, each wrapped in transparent plastic. Each parcel contained white powdery substance suspected to be cocaine.

Pascasio and the suspected cocaine were then transported to the Belmopan Police Station, where the five parcels of suspected cocaine were weighed in his presence. The five parcels weighed 5,300 grams or (5.3kilograms).

The 49 year old Belizean businessman, Orlando Pascasio of Camalote Village was formally arrested and charged for the offence of ‘Possession Of A Controlled Drug With The Intent To Supply Another’. Pascasio is expected to be formally arraigned at the earliest possible date.


Many Belizeans are sympathetic to the victims, but many are commenting on Social Media, as to why anyone would keep so much cash in a home.

Initial reports are, that this morning (Tuesday Oct. 12th.) at approximately 3.30am. the occupants of a house on Chancellor Ave. in Belize City, Dr. Marina Reyes and nurse Melinda Guerra were face to face with 4 intruders, armed with handguns and knives, the thieves reportedly netted over $130,000 in total value, of cash, Jewelry and a Hilux pick-up.

The intruders searched the house whilst holding the doctor and the other occupant at gunpoint, Apparently knowing that there may be a large sum of money inside the house; they found a money stash in a money pan, and according to the report the pan contained $13,000,09 US$ ( Bz$26,000.18) in cash.

The intruders also stole an assortment of jewelry from the nurse and a Light grey double cab Hilux Pickup truck belonging to Dr. Reyes, which is valued over $100.000 Bz$.

Dr. Marina Reyes is an internist at Belize Health Care Partners. The intruders reportedly wore masks and gloves.

Police say the occupants of the house did not suffer any injuries.

NOTE: The legal and technical definition of a Home Invasion is when the occupants are at home .


A mysterious company that says it has office locations in Belmopan and Punta Gorda has posted ‘WE ARE HIRING’ on a equally mysteriously owned (who really runs it) news website in Belize.

Readers and potential applicants should be careful and mindful of the fact that any company or organization that goes out of the way to hide its identity and product and or services should be scrutinized before making an application, in which you are providing very personal data to an anonymous entity.


For many years Belize has been victimized by entities that view the openness and everybody welcome to Belize; -red-carpet- treatment, and our desire to attract good clean investors that can enjoy our beautiful country, some see the situation as an opportunity to take advantage with hidden objectives and sophisticated resources.

The cursory ‘DIG’ done by indicates that the company may be a call center. However, despite our very capable search tools to identify the entity, we are unable to definitively state that their line of business is a call center. And, after all, why would it be so mired in secrecy and profound efforts to disguise its identity.