A Mexican Coast Guard Boat, Ran-a-ground on the Reef

At midday today the news of a Mexican Coast Guard boat in Belizean waters was enough to spur all sorts of rumors in San Pedro , where the boat had ran-a-ground just west of the island.

The situation was an accident of navigation and a poorly marked area where the buoys that demarks the border-line in the northern waters of Mexico and Belize had apparently drifted away.

The Belize port Authority and the Belize Coast Guard are aware of the incident and has indicated that they will dispatch a team or workmen and seamen to install some replacements.

Why Is Gasoline So Expensive In Belize – New Price Schedule Effective May 5th.

Although gas prices have plummeted in the United States and Mexico, the price of gasoline in Belize has remained unchanged or has fluctuated just few pennies since the COVID-19 Pandemic started.

Today the Government of Belize announced the following changes to the price of gasoline, kerosene and diesel, as follows ( see chart > )

The price of gasoline in the United States and Mexico has been more reflective of the glut on the global market, and as of 5pm this evening you could buy a gallon of regular gasoline in the state of Oklahoma for as little as US-$1.37. That is the cheapest price for gas in the entire country, other states such as Texas has shown gasoline prices hovering around US-$1.50 for gallon of regular and US-$1.98 for a gallon of premium gas.

The Government of Belize said ( VIA the price release this afternoon ) “ The price change reflects current demand and supply conditions of crude oil in the international petroleum market and fluctuations in the acquisition price of refined fuel products in the countries from which Belize obtains its supplies.    
The Government of Belize is monitoring the price movements and supply conditions closely and will work with the fuel industry to safeguard the pump prices paid by Belizean consumers”.

Orange Walk Taximan Murdered: Stabbed Multiple Times, Died

A Taxi-man from Orange Walk was stabbed multiple times by a young-man who was sitting at the back of Alpuche’s cab . The 50 year old man has died and is identified as Matthias Alpuche of Orange Walk Town, he was found near Victor’s Inn (Honey Camp Road) on Sunday evening, at approximately 6pm.

Alpuche was suffering from multiple stab-wounds, and the police are investigating several motives, including if it is a case of robbery,

Several Belizeans Detained For Illegally Crossing Into Belize In The North

As unimaginable as it is, there are still a few Belizeans that still do not realize how serious the COVID-19 virus is and continue to flaunt the law. In the past 48 hours several Belizeans have been detained for re-entering Belize at illegal crossings in the north. They had gone over to Chetumal, Mexico and were returning to Belize after buying groceries, they were all caught by Belize’s border patrols authorities upon re-entering. They will all have to be quarantined for 14 days and they will all be fined for illegally crossing into Belize.

Video Of: Prime Minister’s News Conference and Video of Attorney General Explanation and Update of State of Emergency


Ask your questions in the comment section during the live stream! Joining us this afternoon is Hon. Michael Peyrefitte, Attorney General and Minister of National Security.

Posted by Government of Belize Press Office on Thursday, April 30, 2020

Ministry of Health announces 4 more cases of COVID-19, The total is now 18 cases of positive COVID-19 Victims

The Ministry Of Health has announced today that 4 more cases of positive COVID-19 were discovered. Based on the new information the Ministry has indicated that there are 2 main clusters that is the Trace-path that they are following. There is a cluster of infections in San Ignacio and 1 in Belize City that has reportedly stemmed from a social gathering and event that took place on March 14th. at Plaza Diner, a restaurant in Belize City.

The Ministry has asked for the public’s help to contact them if you had attended that social gathering or the establishment on or around March 14th. 2020.

Below is the official statement from the Ministry of Health.

The Ministry of Health has stated that they discovered a 14th Case of a person with Corona-Virus COVID-19

After yesterday’s announcement of 3 new cases of COVID-19 in Belize, which, according to the M.O.H in Belize represents the 11th. 12th. and 13th person discovered with the COVID-19 virus, today, Easter Sunday they announced that a 14th. person was discovered who had contact with a previously diagnosed victim, COVID-19 victim #4, who has since died.

Victim #14 is a female who resides in San Ignacio in the Cayo District. Below is the press release from the M.O.H

digitalBelize.LIVE has also noticed that this is the first press statement that indicated that the victim has a runny nose and nasal congestion, which is something that many Belizeans encounter in normal daily life. However the statement about loss of taste and smell are widely supported by other medical professionals elsewhere.

With that in mind it could also be deduced by the Ministry of Health that people who sneeze or cough have the virus, which is something that normal people did long before the Corona-Virus was discovered,