Eastern Caribbean Time, what is it and which CARICOM States use it

updated: 8.01pm | Sunday, September 3rd. 2023

If You’re Doing Business in The Caribbean, You better know what time it is

A primary factor of our daily life is ‘What Time Is It’, and if you do business in the CARICOM Union you probably are well aware that there are 3 time zones within the Caribbean.

And the islands that are in the Eastern Caribbean are in the Eastern Standard Time, (EST ) time zone. (most of those states do not use daylight-savings-time)

But !, adding to the complexity of ‘what time is it in Eastern Caribbean States is ; do they also do ‘daylight-savings-time‘ as is done in the United States ?

The answer is yes, for some of these island states:  the list of Caribbean states that use daylight-savings-time’ includes, the Bahamas, Bermuda, Cuba, Haiti, and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Then there are the other Eastern Caribbean nations that don’t apply ‘daylight-savings-time, and they have a constant time-difference with Belize, which is the only CARICOM member nation in (US) Central-Standard-Time-zone (CST); ( and a constant 2 hours behind ‘Eastern Caribbean States ‘time-zone’ .

Now if all that wasn’t confusing enough, then you may scratch your head when you realize that Surinam (which is a member of the CARICOM Union) uses Atlantic Standard Time (AST) which is 1 hour ahead of EST or 3 hours ahead of Belize.

We are not certain as to why ‘Suriname’ uses Atlantic Time Zone (ATZ), but a good guess would probably be that it has something to do with the largest nation in ‘South America’ Brazil, which also uses ATZ; and is probably their largest trading partner.

Written & Compiled by: digitalCaribbean,LIVE Staff writer – Tuesday, August 29th. 2023 – channel1belize@gmail.com