Minister ‘Perez’ takes Leave of Absence From Cabinet | after alleged sexual misconduct

updated: Tuesday, August 22nd. 2023

The minister of ‘Blue Economy & Aviation ‘Andre Perez’ has requested a ‘Leave of Absence’ from cabinet. The news broke this morning Monday, August 21st. when the Government issued a statement indicating that the prime minister has accepted a request from minister Perez.

Wendy Auxillou

These developments stem from an allegation of sexual misconduct that is alleged by attorney ‘Wendy Auxillou’ who has worked in the ministry of ‘Blue Economy & Civil Aviation’ as legal council.

Since the allegations surfaced, Perez has indicated that the relationship was consensual; and has alleged that ‘Wendy Auxillou’ has attempted to extort monies from him, and gain favor to get ‘highly-questionable’ land document transactions expedited with assistance from him.

initial details of ‘Wendy Auxillou’s complaint is, reportedly a nude photo she says was sent to her by Perez.
( funny caricature )

The government’s statement said:
“During his leave of absence, an investigation will be conducted into the recent allegations against Minister Perez. At the conclusion of the investigation, the Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs will advise the Prime Minister on whether there has been any actionable wrongdoing.

During Minister Perez’s leave of absence, his portfolio duties will be temporarily reassigned to the Prime Minister.”

Well informed sources within the Briceno administration have commented that . . .
‘the ‘Leave of Absence’ by Perez was not voluntary, and that other members of the administration should let this be an alert to them, that ‘young-honey-pots and old-hens’ can take them down”.

On Monday August 21st. GoB released the following statement.