Another Fatal Road Accident At The Dangerous Section Known As ‘Mameyal-Curve’

Another fatal traffic accident happened in Orange Walk on the Philip Goldson Hwy. at the Mameyal Curve. At the time of this news post we know that on Saturday morning August 19th. in the vicinity of mile 65 on the Philip Goldson Hwy. a motorcycle collided head-on with a white SUV.

The victims were on a motorcycle traveling towards Orange Walk and at the ‘Mameyal-Curve’ the accident claimed the lives of 27 year old Alex Mejia and his brother-in-law ‘Carlos Novelo.’

Carlos Novelo
(image not available at post time)

Research indicates that at least 7 fatal accidents have occurred at the Mameyal-Curve, in the past 5 years. The Mameyal-Curve is a section of the Philip Goldson Hwy. a few miles north of Orange Walk Town.

In May of 2022 the Ministry of Infrastructure (MIDH) inaugurated the new works completed, which is part of the ‘Remate Bypass Project’, which includes the rebuilding of many sections of the Philip Goldson Hwy. and some redesign that was intended to make the Mameyal-Curve section safer.