Senators Heated Debate & Questions the details of the US$77-Mil Saudi Solar Loan

At today’s Senate sitting in Belmopan the session opened with a scathing list unfavorable comments from senator Michael Peyrefitte, who immediately began to examine every detail of the loan agreement.

The following video segment is senator Peyrefitte’s dissatisfactions with the agreement.

There are several primary factors that we mentioned in our previous article, (August 5th. 2023) and of note is that a US$77million loan at 2% interest for 15-years, the payments will be about $495,000.00 per month; (calculator) and the solar farm will require 250 acres of land to accommodate the thousands of solar panels that will needed to generate 60 Megawatts of power, when operating at 100% output.

Senator Peyrefitte

Senator Courtenay