What is Humidity, & How Come It Feels Hotter Than Just A Few Days Ago

Hi, does it feel hotter to you ?,
Well it is August, and it normally gets very warm in the month of August,

Yeah! it does feel hotter than July, and why is that ?,
we use to sleep fairly well with just the night air, cool breeze, but now we need a fan or AC.

That was a conversation that happened in many homes; all over Belize !.

The answer seems to be the Humidity, yupp!, and today August 11th. the Humidity will be 65-75% during the day and up to 90% at night.

Humidity has become so important that they even created a special kind of calculation formula that measures a new thing called the ‘Heat Index’

According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the United States, Here is the official explanation of what causes the ‘Humidity’ to change.

A primary way water vapor increases in the atmosphere is through evaporation. Liquid water evaporates from oceans, lakes, rivers, plants, the ground, and fallen rain. A lot or a little water vapor can be present in the air. Winds in the atmosphere then transport the water vapor from one place to another. ( National Weather Service – is a part of NOAA )

The ‘Heat Index’ is a calculation of what the temperature feels like when you include the level of the ‘Humidity’ . ( heat-index calculator)

And, Here is a ”Regional Humidity Map’ for Central America from EldoradoWeather.com