Archives Department Receives Official Instrument of Independence From National Assembly

The official document that is the instrument of Belize’s independence as a country was handed over from the National Assembly Library to the Belize Archives Department.

The business of preserving important documents and records must be done by a trained person that is accredited as an ‘Archivist’.

With that realization, the official handing over of the most important document concerning Belize’s independence as a nation was done this week in Belmopan.

The Belize Archives and Records Service (BARS) was presented with the documents; and an agreement entrusting it with the responsibility for its preservation was signed.

In a statement posted on its website, GoB said.

“The document you are looking at is Belize’s Instrument of Independence. It was handed over to the Rt. Hon. George Price by Prince Michael of Kent on September 21, 1981, and has been kept in a safe at the National Assembly since then. Yesterday, it was handed over to the Belize Archives and Records Service (BARS) where it will be preserved and safely stored. The National Assembly and BARS also signed a memorandum of agreement for a management system for the National Assembly’s archives and records, which date back to 1983″.