Bottom Dollar Store on North Front Street, closing as of August 31st.

The Santiago Castillo Group has announced that the ‘Bottom Dollar’ supermarket on North Front street will be permanently closed as of Thursday, August 31st. 2023. The company said in a statement on August 7th.

It is unclear what the building that Is the supermarket for 15+ years will be used for in the future. The property which sits on the banks of the river near the main bridge in downtown Belize City has also served as the only supermarket that could also accommodate shoppers that came by boat.

In a Facebook post the company said that the closing was due to competition and other market forces that did not make the location profitable.

In the past 6 months there has been 3 major store closings in downtown Belize City. Namely Augusto Quan, Bluebird Ice-cream Parlor and now Bottom Dollar Supermarket.

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The company said that most of the employees from that store will be repositioned to other jobs in the ‘Santiago Castillo’ group of companies, which also owns and operates Save-U Supermarket, Angelus Press and Peoples Store in Orange Walk Town.

The Supermarket and its adjoining parking lot, and the adjoining lot in front of Holy Redeemer Cathedral is valued at Bz$2.5 -to- Bz$3-million.