Fatal Incident during Police Chase in the North

updated: Tuesday August 1st. 5.40pm.

A fatal incident involving the police in Orange Walk has left 1 dead and 1 injured, Initial reports are that police were reportedly chasing young-men on motorcycles on Monday night , July 31st. in the northern part of Orange Walk (at about 7.30-8pm) and during that case several shots were heard by residence in the area.

At the time of this news-post 1 person is confirmed to have died, he is identified as 20yr-old ‘Jesus Sacul’ (aka Chus) and another male was reportedly injured. The incident ended in the San Lorenzo Road area of Orange Walk town, and there are various witnesses that have provided cell-phone video of a crashed motorcycle that is extensively damaged.

The victims were taken to the hospital. A crowd then gathered in front of the ‘Northern Regional Hospital’ and then witnesses reported that the police fired many shots at the crowd in-front of the hospital.

Earlier today the COMPOL told the media that a supporting unit from the Belmopan police was sent to Orange Walk to provide support because the situation near the Northern Regional hospital was building into a near riot situation after friends and onlookers received word that ‘Jesus Sacul’ had died of his injuries.

On Social Media the comments are overwhelming negative towards the police and many questions about what really happened during the chase that ended in a crashed motorcycle and the death of the passenger ‘Jesus Sacul’ and serious injury to the driver of the motorcycle.