Waterloo Investment Holdings Has Filed A Law-Suit Against The DOE, NEAC and Portico

last updated: Tuesday July 18th. 2023 | 6.30am

On Friday July 14th. Waterloo Investment Holdings, the Michael Ashcroft lead group filed a law-suit against several entities related to the proposed ‘Portico’ (port of magical) cruise ship development. The suit challenges any approval that the DOE and NEAC may have provided to the proposed ‘Portico’ development, and will potentially seek injunctions to block the development.

For context: There are 3 separate cruise port developments in Belize,
Port Coral | Steak Bank
Port of Belize | Expansion
Port of Magical | Portico

The proposed expansion development at ‘Port of Belize’ was not approved by The DOE and or NEAC for environmental reasons, but the Portico development has progressed with some approval of the planning and environmental impact stage, although that development would dredge more seabed than the Port of Belize expansion.

The developers of the ‘Port of Belize’ cruise port expansion project is ‘Waterloo Investment Holdings’.