Key Points Report | On latest Cabinet decisions – July 5th. 2023.

This week’s Cabinet meeting had 3 primary matters that were introduced, or request for amendments to laws and or regulations.

In the wake of the recent scandals that has shed light on the entire process of obtaining a gun-license, this week the Cabinet approved the formation of a new board of officials that will administer the ‘Firearms licensing process’, and the training and certification for obtaining a gun license

1). Cabinet has approved the establishment of a ‘Firearms and Ammunition Control Board’ for licensing, training and certification of firearms license holders, and the Cabinet has also requested the development of plans to digitized the firearms and ammunition licensing system.

The ministry of ‘Home Affairs’ and Police are the departments engaged in this Cabinet decision (s).

2). Cabinet requested that the Attorney General’s Ministry
‘ propose a mechanism to assist undocumented Belizeans in obtaining documents to regularize their citizenship status.

The ministry of the ‘Attorney General’ and ‘Vital Statistics’ are the departments engaged in this Cabinet decision (s).