3D Billboards In Major Cities Are Freaking People Out

Weekend – Technology Watch

Many people in the Caribbean may never get to see a 3D Billboard in action, but if you see it on YouTube it’s probably almost like being their, so you’re not missing much.

But it’s been freaking out a lot of people, especially very young children who have not gotten use-to a digital object that seems to leave the confines of the screen.

The 3D Billboards are all over the place now, and people in New York City, London, China, Tokyo and even Malaysia are captivated by the realness of the images, that seem to come off the screen and into their space

So how far has this kind of technology come ?
Well, the Billboard in New York’s Times Square has outdone all the other 3D Billboards around the world, because in January of 2023 Coca Cola installed the first 3D-Robotic Billboard,

what’s a 3d-robotic billboard, you ask?,
The LCD displays of the giant 68-feet by 42-feet display, which has 1,760 individual LCD-screens actually move in unison, and the image is out-of-this-world, like noting you’ve ever seen before. Here is a glimpse of what it does.

The Largest ‘Anamorphic Illusion’
The technical terminology is called ‘Anamorphic Illusion’ and you will probably here that term again soon, because these type of technologies will simply become more common-place as more and more tech-companies try to wow! us with their device or digital presentations.

The largest of these is a 80-meter long by 20-meter tall display in the busiest business district of Seoul, South Korea (and is the work of one of the leaders in the technology, d’Strict. (others include ‘Motion Outdoor’, Deep Screen and Samsung 3d Galaxy. )

What Make’s It Look So Real
These ‘anamorphic-images’ are a distorted projection, that requires the viewer to be at specific vantage point to see the illusion of the object projected beyond the screen.

In reality the light particles from the pixels of the LDC-Screens are not actually beyond the surface of the screen, but is projecting light that creates the illusion.

It’s All About Advertising / Entertainment
The leaders of the technology are showing what is possible, and prospective customers are also getting a first hand view of how captivated people are by the life-like images.