The Evidence Of An Unlawful Portico Agreement | Land Transactions Signed 1 Week Before The November 2020 General Election

If you thought there was going to be contentious moments at the sitting of the House of Representatives on Friday (June 16th.) you wouldn’t be disappointed.

The sparks began flying early in the session and things became so contentious that the speaker of the house had to call a 5 minute recess and adjourn the House sitting for the politicians to cool-down. The following is the segment, up to the point of the recess.

There was a humorous segment in the many interruptions by LOO Shyne Barrow; when he used the word ‘vernacular’, which was a humorous-surprise vocabulary from the former gang-sta-rapper and HS dropout.

But, The wow! moments happened when the prime minister presented evidence of 17 Land transactions that was proof that the entire Portico agreement and other land transactions were all part of a package deal that was reportedly done with the knowledge of many senior members of the U.D.P, just 7 days before the General Election of November 11th. 2020.

In a tactful and methodical presentation the prime minister slowly presented the evidence of what he referred to as ‘a package deal’.

Then shortly after that presentation of evidence from the prime minister, the Minister of Education, Hon. Francis Fonseca presented even more evidence that bolstered the reports that Erwin Contreras was not acting alone, and was not just a ‘rogue minister’ as was stated by LOO Shyne Barrow.

Fonseca Clarifies Possible Legal Ramifications If The Agreement were rejected without review

But an often overlooked document is now the drumbeat of the entire mess, and is now being reviewed by many legal entities: the UDP Cabinet was dissolved on October 6th. 2020.

But we must close off this brief article on a funny note: ie
Objecting to a statement about the abuse of objecting and useless point of order’:
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