Oil-Rig-Platform In Belizean Waters | Belizeans Ponder Why !

update 1: Thursday June 1st. 5.00pm BPA Video
update 2: Friday, June 2nd. 5.30am. Location of FRIDA 1 – Track it
Note 3
update 4: Friday, June 2nd. 3pm. ‘FRIDA 1’ is heading north
update 5: ‘FRIDA ‘ Gahhhhhnnnnn

Word spread like wild-fire this morning about a floating Oil-Drilling-Platform that is in Belizeans waters. According to the Belize Port Authority (see public notice here) the floating oil-rig-platform will be getting supplies in Belize and will anchor just off English Caye.

Our research here at digitalCaribbean.Live indicates that the platform-vessel known as ‘Frida 1′ was at 17° 38′ 19.6″ N, 087° 53’ 26.3″ W —- at 1.50pm this afternoon, satellite tracking of large marine vessels (see map above)

Video courtesy: Belize Coast Guard

Frida 1 is a Panamanian flagged vessel and is operated by Marine Technical Services.

At the time of this report (1.50pm) ship tracking websites indicated that the vessel ‘Frida 1’ was traveling south at approximately 3 knots and hour.

channel1 Belize.com has been informed that the Frida 1 is adhering to a legal maritime requirement of Mexico, to leave Mexican waters, then return.

However, the fact that the drilling-rig-platform entered Belize’s waters with little or no notice raises a reasonable level of concern by Belizeans.

Where is the Oil Rig Platform ‘FRIDA 1’ Noh-Gahn-Yet ??

Noh gahn yet ? – – – Track it here

At 5am Belize time (7am EST), ship traffic monitoring websites (satellite GPS) indicated that the FRIDA 1 which is moving at approximately 2-3 knots per hour was at or very near to it’s planned destination on the eastern side of ‘English Caye’, which realistically means that the vessel will take another day to exit Belize’s territorial waters.

What was the legal reason the oil-drilling-platform ‘FRIDA 1’ was forced to leave Mexican waters. ?
We have not found out yet why the oil-drilling-platform’FRIDA1′ had to leave Mexico’s territorial waters, but we can share the following.

At 11am Friday June 2nd. The ‘FRIDA1’ was still anchored in Belize.
We can also inform our readers that the vessel may have traveled at least 100 nautical miles or = (115 miles) to reach its current location, which would have cost the operators of the vessel at lease $500,000 US in fuel and other expenses.

Friday, June 2nd. 3pm. Ship-Tracking websites are indicating the FRIDA 1 is heading north and moving at 2-3 knots.

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FRIDA Ghhhaaaannnnn
On Saturday evening June 3rd., …..

Public comments: The notice from the BPA says that the ‘Frida’ is stopping in Belize to replenish supplies, but many are questioning that, because it is extremely expensive for a floating oil-rig to go to the supplies, the supplies are usually taken to the rig.