The Multi-Million Dollar Business Of Boledo Will Be Back | A New Government Managed Entity To Be Known As ‘BGLL’

There was a lot of relevant news coming out of this morning’s session of the ‘House of Representatives’; in the morning session alone, we counted at least 8 BILLS that were tabled (1st reading) all are listed below.

But the BILL that is probably getting the most attention is the ‘Lotteries Control Amendment BILL’ which has everything to do with the daily BOLEDO and Sunday Lotteries.

The new Boledo management arm of the government will be called the BGLL (Belize Government Lotteries Limited). the new BILL tabled in the House of Representatives today (May 19th.) indicates that the majority of the profit-proceeds form the government run lotteries will now go to the NHI National Health Insurance System.

The BGLL will have 4 Master Agents ( 1 each for the North, the South, East and West) who will have to maintain several million dollars in surety to buffer winnings. Those master-agents will oversee many sub-agents.