Wild-West Chase & Shootout On Corozal-Progresso Road

A wild-west shootout happened on the outskirts of Corozal Town this afternoon (May 4th.) sometime around 1.30pm.

The culprits were in a GMC Terrain and a Ford Escape, shooting at each other. The incident happened about 4 mile south of Corozal Town, and reports are that the GMC Terrain (Bz City Lic plate 72532) was chasing the a blue Ford Escape on the Corozal-Progresso Road ; or the occupants of the Ford escape simply had more firepower (an automatic AK47) so it was determined that they were chasing the occupants in the GMC Terrain.

Reports are that a passenger or driver from the GMC jumped into the river at the Pueblo Neuvo ferry to escape the shooting and is presumed to have drowned in the New River at the ferry which is 4 miles south of Corozal Town. Police have indicated that the driver of the GMC and another person have been detained but their identity has not been confirmed, and police are searching for another occupants of the Ford Escape.

More details and the official police report will be posted as ***update*** tomorrow May 5th.