The Saga Of The Drug Laced Candy / Edibles (Timeline)

Part 4

Wednesday, April 26th. 10.30pm

And the story about the drug-laced-candy has become even more bizarre, because it has been revealed that very-similar drug-laced-candy were shipped into Belize in a blue shipping barrel, and which originated from the United States to a recipient that is a police officer on interdiction.

Part 3

Wednesday, April 26th. 4.30pm

A civil servant/ BPD police employee that maintains the evidence at the police evidence holding facility has been arrested. The news was announced to the media-pool by ‘Home Affairs and Police minister Kareem Musa.

The ‘Evidence Custodian’ told police investigators that the items were ‘stinking-up’ the evidence room so he reportedly sent the hundred’s of pouches with the drug-laced candy to the garbage dump site.

Those items were retrieved by scavengers that troll the dump-site and were somehow sold to school children, mostly at ‘Saint Luke Methodist School’ in the Lake Independence area.

The drug-laced candy was seize by the customs department and reportedly came into Belize in a blue shipping Barrell from the United States.

More Shocking developments about the chemically-laced candy

Part 2
Late Tuesday evening, (April 25th.) Channel 7 News broke the story about the new developments on the chemically-laced candy and the fact that it was seized by the police in a drug confiscation case and was then discarded into the garbage; which was then found by scavengers and sold to school children. The following VIDEO segment by Channel 7 News explains how the chemically-lased candy got onto the streets.

27 Children & 3 Adults Are At K.H.M.H Hospital After Eating Unsafe Candy

Part 1
KHMH Administrator ‘Chandra Cansino’ (photo above) has confirmed that there are 27 children and 3 adults (updated 29children and 4 adults) at the hospital receiving treatment for similar symptoms.

The victims range from ages 4 years-old to adult; and all are believed to have consumed some sort of candy (see photo) that was packed in sealed plastic pouches.

According to the lead Administrator at the hospital the victims/patience’s are all suffering from nausea, vomiting, liturgy and dizziness.