The Game & Story Of Taking Advantage Of Innocent People And Pretending | A World Of Deceptions

The person’s scull shown in this XRAY has an electronic bug in his head
that was covertly and illegally done in the United States

The inhumanity and madness of it all is enough to make you think that Satan is among us here on earth, taking advantage of innocent people, that did not do anything wrong, thought the best of the same people that has done so much injustice to an innocent family.

They then pretend it’s a game, and try to orchestrate outcomes to their advantage whilst manipulating almost everything and harming so many people.

The city of Belize and maybe the entire country is a puppet show of humans turned into avatars. It’s hard to believe, but it’s like an electronic puppet-show of human-beings, dogs, cats, rats, birds and even rodents that are manipulated with encrypted electronic frequencies, just like the thousands of insurrectionists that stormed the U.S Capitol on January 6th., They are all Avatars. of a mad show of pretentious illusion-eering.

They steal blood, murder the parents and then try to destroy or change the DNA of the people’s blood they’ve stolen.