‘Dyandre Chee’ shot dead by police during chase in Orange Walk Saturday night

An internal investigation is underway to determine what happened on Saturday night (March 25th.) in Orange Walk town, which resulted in the shooting death of 19 year old ‘Dyandre Chee’ who was shot dead by police during a chase in that town.

The commissioner of police has reportedly launched a criminal and Internal Investigation to determine what happened.

Initial reports by the police officers detained for the incident has been that “gunshots were heard sometime around 10pm. on Saturday night (March 25th.) in Orange Walk, police were patrolling in and responding to reports of gunshots in the area of Riverside Street, their reports say that they saw 3 motorcycles with passengers fleeing the area at high speed, and they subsequently set chase”.

The reports do not indicate where or what the presumed culprits were shooting at. The chase by police reportedly went through several street and at some point the police say that they were being shot at by the passengers on the motorcycles.

Police say that the chase proceeded down Otro Benque Road, and they returned fire, and as a result ‘Dyandre Chee; was shot to the stomach, he has since died at the Northern Regional.

This morning (Sunday March 26th.) the police department released the following statement concerning the investigation so far.


ASP Gerald Jones is leading the investigation team and announced that they are seeking any information from eyewitnesses of the incident.

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