The Killing Waters, Just Off The Coast Of Belize City

Was ‘Еlrісk Lее Vаіrеz’ On A Private Island (who saw him) & Did He Die Of Drowning

The area where Еlrісk Lее Vаіrеz’s body was found (see map below) was first reported by all media reports indicating that he was last seen walking on a private island on Sunday February 19th.. 

However, according to the Belize coast Guard official report, the body of Еlrісk Lее Vаіrеz was found on Tuesday afternoon February 21st. floating near some shrubs near Montego Caye, which is not known to be a private island.

If the cause of death was drowning, then ‘Еlrісk Lее Vаіrеz’ would have had to enter the water somewhere near the island where he was last seen, died of drowning, and then his body would have then traveled to the location where it was found by the Belize Coast Guard. 

Island Just off the coast of Belize

The entire area is heavily trafficked by passenger boats and is 1 mile south of Long Caye; also near to Caye Chapel.

The Official reports states that Еlrісk Lее Vаіrеz died of drowning. There have been no indication as to which private island he was last seen walking on.

In June of 2019 (3 1/2 years ago) 5 fishermen were murdered in the vicinity , and their bodies were found in various areas near Swallow Caye,. and since that tragedy there have been several other unexplained deaths in the area.