Belize Bank Signs Deal With American Express To Process Local ‘AE’ Card Payments

The 3 primary banks in Belize are providing more services that facilitate both merchants and account holders, with more-and-more financial processing services, such as: E-Kyash, AtlaExpress, Gift-Cards, and other payment methods that are in the pipeline, the banks are creating more ways to earn a small fee that contributes to their bottom-line; while providing more convenience for customers and merchants.

Today, the Belize Bank announced that they have signed a deal with American Express to process local payment in country.

According to Belize Bank’s press statement, Merchants will now be able to accept payments from American Express Card Holders at current POS (Point-of-Sale) terminals that processes other credit cards such as VISA and MasterCard.

Belize Bank indicates that BTB statistics show that about 77% of all the visitors to Belize are from the United States, and a good percentage of those visitors are American Express Credit Card Holders

The following is the press statement from the Belize Bank.
(PDF Document)

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