Former Policeman ‘Elmer Nah’ Charged For Double Murder

Police Officer ‘Elmer Nah’ who was on Interdiction (not active in the police dept.) and out on bail for a 2021 drug plane landing incident was arrested and charged for the double murder of Jon and David Ramnarace, which occurred in Belmopan City on Saturday December 31st.

The official news happened this morning January 3rd. at a news conference of high-ranking policemen and minister of police Kareem Musa.

Jon Ramnarace (L) and David Ramnarace (R)
(note) Ramnarace is a popular surname in Trinidad and Guyana (Indian heritage)

Initial reports state that the Ramnarace brothers were at their family New-Years-Eve gathering at Jon’s house on Belen Street in Belmopan City.

Jon and David were outside in the front-yard when a man wearing a light attached to his head barged onto the property and fatally shot Jon Ramnarace and David Ramnarace, the shooter then went into the house and shot the spouses of the Ramnarace brothers.

All were transported to the hospital; Jon and David Ramnarace were both pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. Vivian Ramnarace (Jon’s Wife) was also shot several times and is in serious condition at the Western Regional hospital.

Jon & Vivian Ramnarace
David Michael Ramnarace

39-year-old Corporal Elmer Nah will appear in Belmopan magistrate court on Tuesday January 3rd. 2023, and will be charged with two counts of Murder on (Jon Ramnarace and David Ramnarace, and attempted Murder of Vivian Belisle Ramnarace, as well as use of Deadly Means of Harm, and Dangerous Harm.

At the press briefing today, the commissioner of Police, Chester Williams told the media that the entire incident was recorded on the security cameras at the victims home, and that corporal Nah was actually still wearing a light-strap on his head when he was apprehended.