Brazil’s New President Takes Office – Armed With Optimism, ‘De Silva’ Faces Economic Challenges And Social Reform

President ‘Lula De Silva’ shouts Viva Brazil after a teary-eyed speech to 400,000 in the capital Brasilia

Brazil has sworn in a new president, ‘Lula De Silva’, and in an emotional speech the new president echoed the most important sentiment to the people, ‘Truth Over Lies’

Leader Of The Workers Party
This is Lula De Silva’s 3td. time as president. (2003, 2011 & 2023). He is a trade unionist, and former metalworker who became the leader of the ‘Workers Party’

‘De Silva’ replaces ‘Jair Bolsonaro’, a far-right presidential leader that denied the dangers of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

On Friday (Dec. 30th.) ‘Jair Bolsonaro’ flew to Orlando, Florida without conceding defeat or participate in the traditional hand-over ‘sash-adornment’ part of the ceremony, but Bolsonaro did prepare the transition process to the new president.

In Brazil, the time to transition to the new government is just like other large democracies, about 2-3 months, and so after ‘Lula De Silva’ won the election of Sunday, October 30th. 2022. the past 2 months has been a state of transitioning to the new government for the nation of 215-million people.

On Monday January 1st. 2023 ‘De Silva’ was sworn-in on a stage in the Capital City, Brasilia, where approximately 400,000 people gathered and cheered as they witnessed the official swearing-in ceremony, (see video) The Guardian News.

Brazil’s Ten Largest Cities

‘De Silva’ was elected on a platform of pro-business and more fairness, indigenous inclusion, combatting racial injustice, protecting the environment and economic growth.

Regional Leader | Business & Technology
Brazil is by-far the most populous country in South America and its influence goes far beyond being ‘3-time-World-Cup-Winners’. Brazil is a global leader in many technological fields, the most prevalent being Ethanol based technologies, 25% of Brazil’s transport-energy needs are provided by ethanol.

Brazil is also the 2nd. largest global leader in sugar-production and its ties to the BRICKS Alliance of nations bolsters some of the ambitious efforts to engage in advance-technologies.

The Brazilian Aerospace manufacturing company ‘Embraer SA’ is among the top 5 largest producers of commercial aircraft in the world. Net revenue in 2021 was $4.3 Billion USD.

Commercial Jets, Made In Brazil
Brazil has the largest Ethanol Production Capacity in the World

But many financial observers, publications and U.N Reports have said that Brazil faces a steep hill of challenges, including a lagging economy, poverty, racial injustice, severe gang-violence and many socio-economic issues.

De Silva will be managing through a hill of issues as he steadies the country for better days ahead.

Written & Compiled by: / digitalBelize,LIVE Staff writer – Monday, January 2nd. 2023 –