Official Police Report | Man Caught With Policeman’s Gun


On Monday 14 November 2022, about 7:40am Marcus Locario, 43years, Belizean PC #842 attached to Prosecution Branch, Eastern (Police) Division reported to Precinct I that on Saturday 12 November 2022, around 11:00pm he went to MJ’s Night Club to perform Special Duty with a 9mm pistol bearing S/N 061572 containing (1) magazine with (14) 9mm live rounds, assigned to Prosecution Branch. Upon coming off duty on Sunday 13 November 2022, about 4:00am, he took a ride on a motorcycle with a co-worker to a room at Prosecution Branch Office.

Whilst at the prosecution office PC Locario stated that he can only remember that he sat on a chair and fall asleep. Around 4:40am on the 13 November. 2022 he was awakened by a Corporal who asked him if he was going to catch his bus and he told him that he will catch the 5:00am bus. The Corporal then asked him for the firearm but he was unable to produce it. PC Locario claims that he was not sure if he arrived at Prosecution Office with the firearm or not.

On Friday 18 November, 2022 PC 842 Marcus Locario appeared infront of a Disciplinary Tribunal to answer to a single charge of “Lost By Neglect” that concluded on Tuesday 22 November, 2022. Locario was Fined $200.00 for the charge and was surcharged $3,195 and the value of (14) rounds of ammunition valued at $17.00 to a total of $3,212.00.

Please note that the firearm was found on Monday 21 November, 2022 and the case is pending infront of the Magistrate Court where Benito Choco was charged (i) Kept firearm without a gun license and (ii) Kept ammunition without a gun license.