Belize Is In Very Good Company On Recently Updated ‘U.S Travel Advisory’ List

An updated listing of ‘Travel Advisory’ (October 4th. 2022) by the U.S State Department lists Belize as ‘Level 2’. Which means Belize is in very good company with other countries on the list as ‘level 2’, which include France, Belgium, India, Italy, Israel and Germany, as also ‘level 2’ advisory.

Americans are mostly welcomed and red-carpet treatment awaits most Americans. (except the American criminals).

American visitors can feel super safe in Belize, and the reason we locals know that to be a fact, is because the Belize Police Department is mandated to make sure it protects the tourism industry from crime; which means, preventing violent crimes against all visitors, who are mostly American tourists.

Cayman Island
However, in the Caribbean, the shocking inclusion on the list is the ‘Cayman Island’ level 3 status in the ‘Travel Advisory’.

The Cayman Islands is the British overseas territory, (population 65,720), where no Americans have been the victim of any recent violent crime, and according to UK Based Statista the island had less than 8 homicides in 2021. They were listed as a ‘Level 3’ Along with El Salvador and Columbia.

Additionally, the Cayman Island government’s published statistics about tourists traveling to the Cayman Islands indicate that prior to the pandemic, the island saw over 1.3-million visitors.

What is most suppressing about this recent ‘Travel Advisory’ is that the island community of ‘San Pedro Ambergris Caye’ (population 16,000) which is dominated by American owned businesses and locally influenced by its American investors and (ExPats that call the island home), is listed as a place where pickpocket and credit-card fraud is rampant.

Although pickpocket and credit-card fraud is a challenge for the local police, almost all American visitors that come to the main islands of Caye Caulker and or San Pedro will tell you they feel very safe, treated very well and are rarely the victims of crime.

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Written & Compiled by: / digitalBelize,LIVE Staff writer – Tuesday, October 5th. 2022 –