Vulcan Is Still Trying To Push Its Plan To Mine (destroy) The Hills and Lagoon Near Gales Point

Last updated Thursday, September 1st.

The aggregate company named ‘Vulcan Materials Company’ is reportedly still attempting to push its way and disregard the government’s authority and the people; Despite being rejected by the (1) The Ministry of Lands, (2.) The People of the Gales Point area and (3.) The Ministry of the Blue Economy.

On Wednesday August 31st. a news briefing with the Minister of Sustainable Development indicated that Vulcan’s representatives were still attempting to coerce the Ministry of Sustainable Development to discuss mining development plans in the Gales Point area.

So we decided to examine the process of what happens at an ‘Aggregate Processing Facility’ so as to provide even more information to the people; that their stance to reject VULCAN is bolstered even more by the facts.

The Case Of Rolling Out The Un-Welcome Mat To Vulcan

Gravel washing at an aggregate processing facility very similar to Vulcan Materials Co.

Last week when the media visited Gales Point, and VULCAN’S Public Consulting efforts in the village. VULCAN’S own principals in Belize had answered a question from a media-house as to why choose Belize.

He responded that the reason they wanted that site was because of its proximity to the water (ie: the lagoon behind Gales Point) thus: our common sense and documented facts about how aggregate is processed (washed) indicates that they will
(1). Flush the runoff or other by-products and or chemicals used in the process into the lagoon. and or
(2) Use the Aquifer water beneath or the lagoon water to process the aggregate; which will include pumping thousands of cubic meters of water (everyday) into or out of the lagoon.

“All Belizeans welcome development and anyone who wishes to create fair-wage-jobs and economic development of the country.
But the industrial operations of ‘Mining A Hill’ and Aggregate processing is not the type of business operations sought by a nation that is championing its efforts to be about conservation and protecting the environment, and attracting like-minded tourists and investors

Written & Compiled by: / digitalBelize,LIVE Staff writer – Thursday, September 1st. 2022 –