Toddler Electrocuted In Pomona Village

A child was reportedly electrocuted and died, after a bizarre incident that happened in the village of Pomona in the Stann Creek district.

Official Police Report:

On Monday 29th August, 2022 at 10:45am Dangriga Police were notified that a patient died at the Southern Regional Hospital who was undergoing treatment for severe degree of burns as a result of electrocution.

Initial Police investigation revealed that on Monday 29th August, 2022 at 10:00am 32-year-old Yulma Portillo, a Guatemala Domestic of Pomona Village was at home with her daughter, 8-year-old Jaqueline Valdez, a Belizean Student of Pomona Village washing dishes in the outside wash area, and Jacqueline Valdez was playing with the water she was washing with. Jacqueline asked her mom to go inside and watch television, but she told her not to go inside without her permission.

Jacqueline did not adhere to her mother’s instructions and instead went inside whilst having on wet clothing. Upon going inside and in and effort to put on the television, she unrolled a peeled extension cord and plugged it into the outlet whereupon she got electrocuted.

Her mother told police that she ran inside and observed Jacqueline with the extension cord in her right hand. She also observed burn marks to her right hand, chest area and her chin. She immediately called her common law husband, 31-year old Edwin Valdez, a Belizean Driver of Pomona Village who rushed Jaqueline to the SRH for treatment. Jacqueline was pronounced dead at 10.25am by Dr. Agnes Joseph.