The Perplexing World Of ‘John McAfee’ Continues, Even In Death, Is He Alive? – & 47 Children He Fathered In Belize

illustration – credit: (L) NETFLIX Docudrama Poster – (R) John McAfee & Samantha Herrera

Last updated: Friday August 26th. 2022

The perplexing news about ‘John McAfee’ who lived on northern Ambergris Caye in Belize, and is the main character in a NETFLIX Docudrama ‘Running With The Devil’ has become even more complex; based on a statement made by a former Belizean girlfriend ‘Samantha Herrera’ who said McAfee called her recently, and that John McAfee faked his death and is ‘still alive’ in Texas.

However, according to UK Based Reuters News, one of the largest news orgs. in the world. ‘Says, “John McAfee’s Corpse is still In a Spanish Morgue A Year After His Death”
The following article at Reuters News Here

On Wednesday June 23rd. 2021, (precisely 14 months ago, from the date of this article) it was widely reported that the body of ‘John McAfee’ was found in his jail-cell in a Barcelona prison; he reportedly committed suicide.

NETFLIX says they are perplexed by the statement of ‘Samantha Herrera’ and others have said it was just a stunt to garner more viewers for the Docudrama.

According to a June 2021 article in the BBC and UK Mirror McAfee claimed to have fathered 47 children in Belize.

In addition to the claim, he fathered 47 children in Belize, McAfee was in a video back in 2009 in a interview with an international media group.

In segments of that video he stated that he loved Belize because he could do whatever he wanted, without any interference from local authorities. In that video McAfee had what appeared to be a LAB in the background, and stated that he was inventing new kinds of fruits by making adjustments to the DNA of the plants.

John McAfee Looks through a microscope

In April of 2012 McAfee’s LAB was raided by Belize police for suspicion of manufacturing illicit drugs, but no drugs or evidence of processing drugs were found in that raid. McAfee was doing something else with his LAB, and we can be certain that the wombs of Belizean young women was used as the petri-dish for DNA-experimentation, in at least 47 occasions.

ABC News Segment

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