Ministry Of Health Searches & Closes ‘Pharmacy Express’ For Various Violations

Citing multiple violations by the company known as Pharmacy Express. The Ministry of Health visited the company’s four (4) outlet stores at the ‘Forth Street Tourism Village this morning August 10th. to review its records and subsequently ordered the store closed; citing various violations.

In response the company’s management refused to allow the MoHW employees to continue and the managers of the company reportedly called their attorney.

The MoHW then called the police to support the Ministry of Health in enforcing the order, but the situation has evolved into “if the MoHW has a warrant”.
And, if you may wonder if it’s the same company that sought $7-million loan from the Social Security, the answer is, YES! it is the same company.

A search on the web for info about ‘Pharmacy Express” will show news content and clippings. No other pertinent information is searchable on the internet. The ALERT & ALARM Bells are going off all over the country, how could a company engaged in business for millions of dollars, and services the general public for years and have no searchable public info on the web.

A Search of ownership information with Belize’s corporate registry indicates that Pharmacy Express is owned by Julius Zabaneh and Angela Zabaneh.

At 3pm Belize time (August 10th. 2022) a search on primary search engines for “Pharmacy Express” or “Pharmacy Express Belize” or “Pharmacy Express Belize Limited” will show information published by other companies such as ‘Trip Advisor’ or Find Yellow, with no address, no information is published by the company about who they are or where the HQ is located. FOR SUCH A COMPANY TO BE SERVICING THE GENERAL PUBLIC OR VISITORS WITH VITAL PRODUCTS, and have no published information online is the first clue that something is wrong.

Editors Note: Products sold in Belize, and especially pharmaceuticals are under the purview of Belizean authorities, (example) if someone is sold any product in Belize that causes injury, the victims will consider it a business establishment that is approved by Belizean authorities.

Without authority and oversight, Belize has or will become a haven for global networks of various criminal entities. The global Pharmaceutical industry is littered with an endless list of harrow stories.