The Collapse Of Sri-Lanka – A Wake Up Call For All Former British Colonies & The Caribbean

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The island nation of Sri Lanka is about the same size of the U.S State of West Virginia or 3 times the size of Belize.

The events of the past few weeks is a stark example and the hand-writing on the wall for countries that have been affected by ‘ILLUSSION ECONOMICS’ and allowing foreigners to do whatever they want, in the name of keeping them happy, for promises of investments or tourism.

Beyond that, it is an example of ‘no checks-and-balance’ and ‘pretend democracy’. This is evident in the fact that the capital ‘Colombo’ descended into chaos, but only for the poor of the nation, despite all the news of protests.

The tall buildings and real estate owned by the elite and foreign interest are still functioning and protected by guards, and the lawns are still manicured by the poor that are being paid in alternatives foreign currencies, while the country’s currency plunges into the abyss.

The demographics of Sri Lanka is majority Sinhalese and ‘Tamil Indians’, and the official language of the country is ‘Sinhala’ but everywhere you look everything is in English, which is not a bad thing, but it’s a place where the poor struggle to be like foreign English people, a left over result of being a British colony, up until 1948, but, the independence of Sri Lanka was not real independence, the British still controlled everything, and it was called ‘Under the British Dominion‘ until 1971 and another change in 1981, whatever that means; in its translation to plain English.

Its president lived in the lap-of-extreme-luxury, just the way the foreign demons wanted him to be, luxurious and dumb. While they stole every ‘foreign-exchange- earning-mechanism’ of the nation and the people lived in dirt-poor conditions.

The people were considered like livestock, as if they were owned property, where foreign entities could seek permission to do anything to the people.

Although only a handful of people from Sri Lanka’ live in Belize, the developments of the past few days is a clear example of the results of corruption, exploitation, theft, Interference by foreign demons and, the inability of its government to run the country properly.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa

On Saturday July 9th., Thousands of Sri Lankan men and women stormed the presidential palace and took over the place. The 73 year old president of Sri Lanka ‘Gotabaya Rajapaksa’ came to power in 2019, he was not at the presidential palace as security forces moved him to another location.

Sri Lanka is an island nation of 23-million people near southern India.

The economy of the country has collapsed, food, fuel and other essential goods are in short supply as the country has little or no foreign reserves and can barely purchase anything from other countries. and. there are 5-hour long brown-outs (no electricity) in the city every day.

To make matters even worse, ‘$1 Sri Lankan Dollar’ is now worth 1/4 of a U.S Penny .0025cents. The country was slowly raped and plundered in a 21st. century manner, whilst the tricksters created the illusion that everything was normal.

For several months thousands of people in Sri Lanka were protesting many horrible injustices. The complete story of what happened in Sri Lanka ??? is linked to other countries, and is much more than you ever realized.

For several months the people in Sri Lanka were protesting many horrible injustices. The complete story of what happened in Sri Lanka ??? Hold on, you are going to hear about much more than you ever realized

The capital of Sri Lanka ‘Colombo’ is a fairly modern city, where protests have been happening for several weeks, but the city still appears fairly normal, as if 2 worlds exist in the same place at the same time.

There is another example of a place where the demons have created the same situation. A nation extremely wealthy in oil ‘Equatorial Guinea’
its president live in luxury homes and residences all over the world, they have bank accounts in the west, where billions in Oil- Money is deposited, and the people of the nation live on dirt floors with no electricity.
(– Youtube video-),

Now back to Sri Lanka, You would be correct to ask, How could such a county fail ?, and its economy turned into ‘shit’, a nation rich in tourism and farming potential. How did it happen ?, and why did it happen !,

Sri Lanka is the 4th. largest producer and exporter of ‘TEA’ in the world, just behind much larger countries like China and India. In 2018 Sri Lanka exported $1.4 billion US$ worth of Tea, and in 2019 It was $1.3 billion. Sri Lanka also earns a lot of foreign-inflows of immediate cash from tourism and a well developed textile industry.

The Collapse Of Sri-Lanka – A Wake Up Call For All Small States, former British Colonies & The Caribbean.

3pm Wednesday July 13th.
On Tuesday night July 12th. the former president of Sri Lanka ‘Gotabaya Rajapaksa’ and his wife fled to the Maldives islands on a military plane. The Maldives is in the Indian Ocean, several hundred miles from Sri Lanka.
The prime minister of Sri Lanka was reportedly sworn in as president but the protesters stormed the PMs residents and occupy that palace also.
Sri Lanka is descending into more chaos.

7am. July 12th.
On Monday night July 11th. the deposed president ‘Gotabaya Rajapaksa ‘ and his relatives attempted to flee the country and take a flight to Dubai or the UAE, They were prevented from leaving and are currently housed on a military base near the airport.
All the ill gotten wealth from the country they bankrupted are hidden in foreign bank accounts.

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