Another Experiment Victim Is Murdered: Removes Evidence Of What Happened In Belize

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The list of experiment victims who’s DNA were changed; and are being murdered continues to grow, another senseless murder has occurred.

However, some Belizeans do not want to believe it happened, They just prefer to get money in strange back-channel-methods; from those telling them it didn’t really happen.

The list of experiment victims goes back several years, but we are just noticing the strange incidents that continue to take the lives of young Belizean men.

Here is a very short list of several other experiment victims who were murdered in the past few days. There DNA was changed in an experiment that occurred here in Belize.

Keeron Dominguez
( Read official Police Report in Archives )

Most or all experiment subjects in Belize have had children, Because the goal was to replicate the off-springs ‘via’ the DNA Experiment.
Note: If the Genome of the children of DNA Experiment subjects are examined, they will all appear to be very closely related, like siblings etc.

The DNA Experiments that occurred in Belize may have started as early as 1998 and as recent as 2017.

The primary objective of the DNA Experiments that occurred in Belize was to replicate a specific Genome in many other people.

Fact: Humans are 97.4% identical, the changes that were done attempted to replicate a specific format ‘Genome A-C-T-G’ in some Belizeans who already come from a similar ‘Gene Pool’

And if you feel that many events around you are manipulated and monitored by unseen foreign entities, the simple answer is ‘YES’ ! , it is really happening.

The following book is recommended reading that may aid you in understanding some basics about the DNA Sciences
[ THE GENOMIC AGE] by: Gina Smith was published 18 years ago, and since then the DNA Sciences has progressed a lot more. Prior to the publication of this book the knowledge of the advance DNA Sciences are at least 7 years earlier.

The evidence of the experiment exist in the DNA, that is the primary evidence for legal action.

More information will be posted here in the next few days.
Last updated. July 7th. 2022

Written & Compiled by: / digitalBelize,LIVE Staff writer – Thursday, July 7th. 2022 –