Mexico’s Agricultural Health Authority Will Permit Imports From All Districts Of Belize

Cattle ranchers in all the districts of Belize can now export their livestock to Mexico. Prior to today’s decision, only cattle from Orange Walk farmers were permitted to export to Mexico.

Those restrictions were based on a regulation by the Mexican Agricultural Authority known as ‘SENA-SICA’, which is Mexico’s equivalent of the Belize Agricultural Health Authority).

The new approval will now allow all cattle farmers to offer their cattle for export to Mexico if certain SENASICA standards are met; this new approval comes after 1 year of shipments to Mexico, and negotiations to meet regulatory standards of ‘SENA-SICA’.

Additionally, the inspection requirement for cattle exports to Mexico can be conducted by local (BAHA) Inspectors, as opposed to the previous regulation that required inspection to be conducted by ‘SENA-SICA’ Inspectors.

On Monday July 4th. the government of Belize, Ministry of Agriculture released a statement concerning the new permit.