Poisonous Bread On Supermarket Shelves In Belize City

Channel1Belize.com has received reliable verified information of poisonous bread on the shelves of a supermarket in Belize City. The item made a person very sick and after some trial on a dog which was given all the same items the person had eaten, the dog also became severely ill and vomited up what appeared to be little red pieces of their insides.
The person then went to the store where the item was purchased and took a picture of several loafs of bread that was almost certainly the cause of the illness.

Anyone with additional or similar information is asked to please contact the police dept, and or send your information, with photos to channel1Belize@gmail.com or call us at 501-667-3888 we will forward it to the relevant authorities including BAHA and the Ministry of Health.

In the process of providing and reporting the news we must communicate all the information received. The information about the poisonous bread came with the statement
quote –
“it is not the fault of the bakery or the supermarket, but it is being done by foreign entities, including American criminals in Belize who have access to advance resources that enable them to puppeteer people at the factory to somehow unknowingly, put dangerous chemicals in the bread products”.

Written & Compiled by: channel1Belize.com / digitalBelize,LIVE Staff writer – Thursday, June 30th. 2022 – channel1belize@gmail.com