WPC+3 Men Taken To Court: Charged For, Prohibited Weapons, Ammunition, Drugs + -THE COURT REPORT

On Wednesday June 15th. Police Officer Stephanie Patten and 3 men were charged with being in possession of several guns, ammunition, Bullets, Bullet-Proof-Vests and Drug Possession. All 4 were taken to court in Belize City on Wednesday June 15th. under heavy guard by a special GI-3 unit.

‘Senior Magistrate: Tricia Pitts Anderson ‘; informed them that she could not accept a plea from any of them due to the nature of the case; (In the courtroom one of the accused attempted to offer and plea and be the sole person responsible) that plea was not registered and all 4 were remanded to prison until the next court date of August 9th.

Female Police Officer, 24yr-old Stephanie Patten, is being represented by attorney Richard ‘Dickey’ Bradley.

On Tuesday June 14th. police raided the home of WPC Patten in Orange Walk town and found all 4 accused in the home with the weapons, (including an M4-Carbine), Prohibited Ammunition, Drugs and Bulletproof-vests.