What Happens At The Summit Of The Americas That Affects Your Life ?

After many speeches at the ‘Summit of the Americas’ by several regional ‘Heads Of State’, the question that Belizeans and other citizens around the region want to ask is probably:

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What happens at the ‘Summit Of The Americas’ that will affect and hopefully improve their lives ?

As journalist it is our responsibility to look for the good, the bad and the ugly, and report to the people on what is happening that may affect their lives, in a good or bad way !.

The prime minister of Belize has a management style that gets good brownie-points from his cabinet and the people, Red or Blue. and many observers know that a good style of management can make your group achieve goals better, or, win football games, and or, make a country move in a better direction.

In his Instagram post the prime minister outlined his activities and efforts at the summit.

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PM Hon. John Briceño,
PM of Jamaica Andrew Holness,
PM of Barbados, Hon Mia Mottley
Premier Hon. Justin Trudeau

Many observers of his style of governing and reporting his activities is applauded by all who know about good-management styles.

Because by reporting what you are doing and trying to accomplish, enables others on the team called ‘The Country Of Belize’ to move in the right direction, because you know what the manager of the country is doing, as opposed to mysterious autocratic management styles.

One of the most important topic that was discussed was ‘Correspondent Banking’

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Prime Minister John Briceño & Foreign Minister Eamon Courtenay
met with  US Under Secretary Brian Nelson on correspondent banking.

In meetings at the ‘Summit Of The Americas’ the Prime Minister mentioned that he. . .

Met with Latin American and CARICOM leaders engaging Prime Minister of Canada; Managing the climate crisis with appropriate environmental and conservation responses costs money and our regional nations need help.