Another ‘Experiment-Victim’ is killed: Pointless, Senseless Murders, Removes Living Evidence In Belize

Orange Walk police are searching for motorcycle riding killers who shot ‘Nаzіr Vаѕquеz’ and ‘Rеуnаldо Маrсhаnd’. on Wednesday night May 25th.

Initial reports are that Vаѕquеz and Маrсhаnd were near the main road (Northern Hwy.)(geo-Sat) near bullshit mind-games on ‘Otro Benque Road’ and Gravel Road in Orange Walk town when a motorcycle rode up and the passenger on the cycle fired several shots towards the men, then sped off northbound.

Rеуnаldо Маrсhаnd was fatally injured and died whіlе undеrgоіng trеаtmеnt; which means that another experiment victim that was walking living evidence is now dead.

Nаzіr Vаѕquеz is in stable condition at the Northern Regional Hospital.