Fake Cops or Real Cops Snatch $130k From Little Old Lady

Stann Creek police are investigating an inside job *, but not within the department. It’s a strange case, where-as the ‘pretend-cops’, or ‘real cops’ !, had to have known that so much money was ‘inside’ a certain house.

The incident has been classified as a ‘Home-Invasion’ and theft of $130,000.00 ( one hundred and thirty thousand ).

The robbers posed as cops, (or real cops) dressed in full uniform, like GSU tactical camouflage uniform. And according to the victim’s report, it all happened at her home in the village of Hope Creek, which is about 15 miles from Dangriga Town in the Stann Creek district.

Initial investigation indicate that 3 dark-skin men dressed like GSU Cops barged into the home of 57yr-old Mrs. Esther Crispia at about 10pm Thursday night May 19th.; and shouted that they were doing a search for drugs and illegal firearms, the victim told police that one of the men identified himself as a police officer.

Mrs. Esther Crispia told police that the men took $130,000.00 that she had hidden in the house; they informed her that the money would be taken to the police station as they believed it was the proceeds of a drug sale.

According to Mrs. Esther Crispia’s report, the men arrived in a white pick-up truck that had stickers or markings that indicated that they were police.

Mrs. Esther Crispia said she followed the 3 men outside, and, there was a forth man waiting inside the vehicle that brought them to her house.

Before leaving the premises Mrs. Esther Crispia said the men informed her that only after providing proof of the source of the funds, it would be returned to her at the police station.

Mrs. Esther Crispia told police in her report that the money was the proceeds from the sale of a house in Guatemala.