An Opinion About Bomb Threats In Belize

The once peaceful little country of Belize has been rocked again by an erroneous or anonymous bomb-threat, this time at City Hall in Belize City, and last week it was at the KHMH, and last year it was at the Treasury Bldg. on Coney Drive, and then there was the bomb-threat at the Charles Bartlette Building , also known as Complex.

Belizean are either asleep or playing the fool, they still haven’t figured out that whenever there is a bomb-threat, it is the work of foreign tricksters that are signaling information to others in the country and co-conspirators outside the country.

Some Belizeans are of the belief that criminal-terrorist-foreigners simply come to Belize for no reason and are here to big-up Belize, and give them treats for no reason.

The naivety is astonishing. It’s like noting has changed in 400 years, when foreigners went to Africa and tricked the locals to view them as friends, and dislike their fellow countrymen in villages next-door.

Today, there was another Bomb-Threat, this time at City Hall.
And it is the handy work of foreign-demons playing games and message passing to their fellow co-conspirators.

Unfortunately; some locals are trying to communicate with the foreign-demons in their phones. ( the same foreign demons that are eavesdropping and manipulating ).

Please wake up Belize, there are foreign people in the country that are best described as demons, and they are pretending to be the good-guys.

It is astonishing how much the little nation has been thru,

The countless missing children and bodies found; so many that at least 95% are unsolved murders and or disappearances.

The 5 fishermen who’s boat was found shot-up, and later their bodies were found in different locations, it was jaw-dropping to see people say that it was just other Belizean-fishermen that did it over fishing turf.

Or the lunatic that killed himself in a Barcelona Jail, who boasted about fathering 47 children in Belize, or! maybe they believe he came to Belize for no reason, or that his contacts here are the good-guys ?

The atrocious crimes that have occurred in this nation is so devastating, But, there are still those who wish to pretend they don’t know or understand.

They somehow believe that the foreign-monster’s that perpetrated so much fraud and crime, too countless to mention, were here or are here to help them, or do good.

No Belize, those foreign-demons are not here to do good, they are here to cover-up the past, and atrocities that Belizeans are yet to realize.