OFFICIAL POLICE REPORT – Shooting Incident Involving Deputy Mayor Micah Gooding

– – Official Police Report – –

On Saturday 14 May, 2022 at about 2:30am, Kenyon Tillett, 29 years, a traffic warden reported that he was on a street behind Icon building near BTL Park along with some friends when he heard a commotion. He then approached a black SUV where he met Micah Gooding.

Kenyon Tillett got into an altercation with (deputy mayor) Micah Gooding and friends with some of Kenyon Tillett friends. Gooding entered the black SUV driver seat and drove away. In the process of driving off Kenyon Tillett stated that someone siting on the back seat of the SUV fired 3 shots. Kenyon Tillett stated that he then pulled out his license fire arm and fired about 4 shots at the moving vehicle. The black SUV then left the area.

On same day around 2:30am (deputy mayor) Micah Gooding and Tarique James 25yrs, supervisor arrived at the police station on Queens Street in a black Nissan Rogue, with Belize license plate BCC 70427 which had gunshot holes on the rear windshield and door and reported that whilst on a street behind the ICON building upon driving away from the ICON building they reported that someone shots at the vehicle.

It was also learnt that one Tae Medina, 20yrs was taken to KHMH with minor injuries suspected to be caused by the shooting since he was inside the vehicle. Persons detained Tarique James and Kenyon Tillett pending investigation of the shooting incident.